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Marcel Nielsen (マルセル・ニールセン) is a renowned freelance journalist who in S.1192/11 won the Fulitzer prize for his coverage of the Hundred Days War between Erebonia and Liberl. Due to an incident during the war, he lost his eyesight.

Before going freelance, he was working for the Crossbell News Service.


Apart from his keen perception, Nielsen is armed with an extensive network of connections, including the fellow journalist editor-in-chief of the Liberl News Service, inspector Guy Bannings of the Crossbell Police Department, librarian Miles Neues from Crossbell's public library and elder Quint, the grave keeper of the Crossbell Cathedral.

In Ao no Kiseki he conducts an interview with Lloyd Bannings regarding the nature of the Sept-Terrion of Mirage and the oath of the Holy Beasts.

He appears in Trails of Cold Steel IV along with reporter Grace Lynn and Dominion Thomas Lysander, where he conducts an interview with Rean Schwarzer discussing the prophecy spoken of in the Black Records, before giving Rean the final volume.


Trails of Cold Steel IV

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