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Marconi (マルコーニ) is the fifth don of Revache.


Marconi was born in S.1148. In S.1196 he ousted the fourth don of Revache and immediately assumed office as the fifth don himself.

Collaboration with Hartmann

Under Marconi's reign, Revache aimed to improve their relationship with the imperial faction of the Crossbell government. With imperial faction Speaker Hartmann's support, they started smuggling and launched the Schwarze Auction as a new source of income. Hartmann's will to collaborate, however, diminished after the Special Support Section and Yin interfered during the auction.

As the influence of Calvaridian mafia group Heiyue grew in Crossbell's underworld, Marconi felt pressured to deal in Gnosis, which brought him into contact with Joachim Guenter.

After the Cult Incident in the summer of S.1204, Marconi was arrested and put behind bars in Knox Prison.

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