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Marduk Total Security Company (マルドゥック社), abbreviated as MTSC and MK Company, is a security and private military company based in Ored.


Marduk was established around S.1198[Note 1] to provide continent-wide security services to companies. In recent year it expanded its services to the field of militarism.

Gilliam Thorndyke GM is its general manager, with Kasim Al-Fayed its most elite soldier and head of security.

Trails into Reverie

The M.T.S.C logo appears briefly when President Roy Gramheart uses them as an intermediary to contact Ouroboros's Celestial Globe and communicate with the Grandmaster. He states that he is not affiliated with them, but that money can be very useful for such circumstances.

Kuro no Kiseki

Before the game, M.T.S.C forms a contract with Van Arkride to have him work as an External Tester of the Combat Research Department by using the weapon Stun Calibur and the Holow Core Mare.


  • Marduk was the patron deity of Babylon and was revered as the God of creation, water, vegetation, judgment, and magic in Ancient Mesopotamian religion. Read more on Wikipedia.



  1. Kuro no Kiseki takes place in S.1208 and Marduk was established "about 10 year" prior.