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Mark and the Witch of the Deep Forest - Part 2 by Shawn Arnham

The girl, Anna, guided an exhausted Mark to the house where she lived. It was along a path he had explored many times before while lost. He could not help but wonder why he hadn't been able to find the now-obvious building.

'It's usually hidden with magic.'

Anna said this matter-of-factly. She treated him to some soup.

Mark ignored the statement and looked around restlessly. In a brilliant crystal ball flashed images of the children in Mark's village. Bookshelves held books with titles written in languages he had never seen. Inside a cauldron bubbled a mysterious liquid. It truly was a hut fit for a witch, just like his father's story.

'Hey Anna, do you know my father?' The witch girl nodded in response.

'Ten years ago, your father saved me from a monster's attack. After I treated him to soup as thanks, he mentioned you, who had just been born.'

Mark knew something was out of place. She talked about something from so long ago. He concluded that perhaps witches don't age.

Thinking she might understand since it seemed she knew his story, Mark asked, to prove that his father was not a liar, if she could come with him and stand before Ron.

Anna shook her head and said, 'I have been feared and shunned for a long time. No, I do not want to be seen in public.'

Her voice was distant and lonely. Mark wondered if this was the reason she lived alone.

Mark abandoned the idea of bringing her to the village. Anna seemed disappointed. She thought he would be more persistent.

'I will not be able to stun Ron, but at least I can see myself that my father's story was true.'

Anna gave Mark the directions to return to his village, and he promised to visit again. He started on his way, unintentionally skipping in excitement. When he arrived back at the village, he noticed that many townsfolk were walking about even though it was still late at night. Mark went pale when he realized they were looking for him. Afraid of being found, he hid in the overgrown grass.

'Hey, did you find anything?'

'No, not over here.'

Mark continued to deliberate over how he would apologize for worrying the villagers, when he overheard:

'Where have Mark and Ron gone...?!'

Ron? Mark didn't expect to hear an additional name, so without thinking, revealed himself. The villagers were startled, then relieved. They scolded him for having gone missing. Once they learned Mark had definitely returned alone, their worried expressions returned.

'What in the world happened?' Mark asked.

The adults exchanged glances and answered:

'It seems Ron also entered the forest alone!'
















──ロン? 予想外の名前を聞いて、マルクは思わず草陰を飛び出します。突然現れたその姿に、村人たちは驚きました。叱る言葉や安堵するため息が聞こえます。そして、マルクが1人でいたのを知ると、再び村人たちの表情が曇ります。