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Martin S Robinson (マーティン・S・ロビンソン) is a member of the Northern Jaegers and a main character in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War.



Martin is a tall man with curly cerise hair and fiery orange eyes. He wears a variation of the standard Northern Jaegers uniform with combat slacks in dark blue and green armor plates on his chest, arms, and boots.

In his casual attire, Martin wears an ornate white dress shirt with black and gold embellishments unbuttoned over another white shirt. He also wears beige trousers.

Martin uses a large rifle/great sword hybrid as his weapon of choice. The weapon is almost as tall as he is and can be leaned upon when stabbed into the ground.


Martin has a sleepy, laid-back personality and does not like taking responsibility or being put in charge of others. He has a strong sense of empathy for those unable to defend themselves and dislikes those who oppress others. This was revealed in Episode 6 where during the October War, he was part of the group responsible for the Celdic raze, and would admonish those who follow his suit. Per shown his serious demanour while helping his team escape, this confirms how much Martin regretted his actions just for following orders since that event.


Martin is a veteran fighter of the Northern Jaegers.

Northern War[]

Martin is placed into a platoon with Lavian Winslet, Iseria Frost, and Talion Drake to undertake a risky mission inside the Erebonian Empire. He is the coordinator of the reconnaissance team.