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Mary Altheim (メアリー・アルトハイム) is the fine arts instructor at Thors Military Academy. She is of noble blood in Erebonia.


Despite being a noble in Erebonia, she has never discriminated against any of her coworkers or students. Mary treats everyone she meets fair and right. She loves to teach her students how to cook as well as play instruments from violin to flute. Mary has a very gentle, nurturing attitude that makes all those around adore her.

Mary is very sweet to Mint, though Mint is very clumsy and prone to breaking things. Mint then tries to match her uncle, Instructor Makarov, with Mary in order to thank them both. To Mint's delight, Makarov and Mary seem to share a mutual attraction to each other and become very close.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Instructor Mary
Mary Altheim Note (Sen)
Instructor (Music, Art, Cookery)
An instructor who joined the academy just this year. Completely devoted to her students.
Count Altheim
Daughter of Count Altheim, head of a major noble family in the Sutherland Province. Puts being a teacher first.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Instructor Mary
Mary Altheim Note (Sen)
Instructor (Music, Art, Cookery)
A new instructor who cares deeply about her students. Daughter of Count Altheim from the Sutherland Province.
Stayed in Roer
Decided to stay in Roer and not come on the Courageous for fear of being a liability. Supports everyone from afar.
Concert Help
As the Wind Orchestra's adviser, she participated in the performance in Celdic, playing the flute.
Getting Closer
Mint forced Mary and Makarov to come together and be reunited…and Mary seems happy to see him again.


Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Trails of Cold Steel IV

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