Matteus Vander (マテウス・ヴァンダール), also known as Matteus the Blitz (雷光のマテウス),[Note 1] is the head of the Vander school and supreme instructor of martial arts for the Imperial Army of Erebonia at Garrelia Fortress.

Matteus holds the title of Viscount.[1]


Matteus is considered one of the five great commanders of the Imperial Army of Erebonia, the others being his brother Zechs Vander, Victor S. Arseid, Aurelia Le Guin and Wallace Bardias.

Prior to his transfer to the Garrelia Fortress, Matteus was stationed in the Valflame Palace as emperor Eugent Reise Arnor III's bodyguard.




  1. His alias can also be translated as 'Matteus the Lightning'.


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