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Matteus Vander (マテウス・ヴァンダール), also known as the Thunder God (雷神), is the head of the Vander school and supreme instructor of martial arts for the Imperial Army of Erebonia at Garrelia Fortress.


Matteus is considered one of the five great commanders of the Imperial Army of Erebonia, the others being his brother Zechs Vander, Victor S. Arseid, Aurelia Le Guin and Wallace Bardias. Matteus is rather untalkative, saying no more than needed, and always wears a stern expression, making him misunderstood by those around him. However, those who actually know him are deeply attached to him.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

Prior to his transfer to the Garrelia Fortress, Matteus was stationed in the Valflame Palace as emperor Eugent Reise Arnor III's bodyguard.

Hajimari no Kiseki

Days before the signing ceremony for Crossbell's re-independence, he started to behave oddly, like contacting Claire Rieveldt of the Railway Military Police and providing his students with instructions.


Trails of Cold Steel III

Hajimari no Kiseki


  • Matteus holds the title of Viscount.[1]
  • It is unknown what happened to Matteus' first wife who is Mueller's biological mother.


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