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Melchior (メルキオル) is an Almata member introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Melchior is a young man with red eyes and bright turquoise hair. He often stands and moves with a slumped posture. He wears a white shirt with a blue cross pattern and large hoop zippers, along with gray trousers with several belts. Melchior wears a long sleeveless black shirt over this. He wields a small red knife with a curved shape resembling something between a dagger and a boomerang.


Melchior is devoted his his boss's ambitions and ideology of bringing fear to the republic. He is quite jovial and manipulative whilst also displaying savagery.


Melchior is one of the three executives of Almata. He was originally a member of a different organization, although due to his skills and selflessness towards the boss, he quickly climbed to the ranks of the Almata executives.

He is skilled in the use of large knives and bombs with different effects, as well as vicious combat techniques that crush his opponent’s body and mind. He seems to be taking on erratic missions, including manipulation, assassination, and sabotage, all in the name of fulfilling the boss’ wish of bringing 'fear' to the Republic.[1]



Melchior was purportedly one of the Biblical Magi along with Caspar and Balthazar who visited the infant Jesus after he was born.


  • Melchior's knife bears the inscription "Terror must be the Greatest Love".
  • Melchior may be gay: Dingo's notes list him as Gerard's lover.
  • Melchior is part of Garden, though he left it because he "admires" Gerard.
  • Melchior used to be member of Order of the Moonlight Horse when he was merely a child. Under the plot of Ellroy Harwood, he joined the Garden with the rest of other members from a cult exterminated years ago.



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