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Melvin, a NPC met at Krone Pass

Melvin is a junior bracer currently working at the Ruan branch of the guild.

Trails in the Sky FC

Estelle and Joshua first meet Melvin after escorting Hardt to the Krone Pass checkpoint where Melvin has been arranged to meet them and take their client to Ruan. After Estelle and Joshua transfer to the Ruan branch, they frequently meet Melvin either at the guild or in town, though they don't end up working together on anything.

The first impression Estelle and Joshua get of Melvin is that of an extremely enthusiastic and energetic youth...perhaps a little too full of energy, to the point of putting off their client a bit. Melvin's enthusiastic attitude is a good thing for him, since it has kept him going through several failed guild entrance exams. Eventually his persistence paid off and he got promoted to junior bracer.

Melvin is a good reminder of the fact that not all bracer jobs are fun and adventurous. When a family from Zeiss visits Ruan and spends some time near the water, the oldest member ends up accidentally dropping his dentures into the water, puts in a request at the guild to have them retrieved and Melvin is the one who's assigned to the job. Lacking Estelle's fishing skills, Melvin is forced to retrieve them the hard way and ends up catching a cold in the process.

Melvin also mentions having gotten into a fight with a shining pom at some point and ended up breaking his sword on the creature's tough hide.

Trails in the Sky SC

Estelle meets Melvin again after returning from Le Locle and travelling to Ruan, where he's still carrying out his Bracer duties. Unlike Estelle, Melvin didn't ascend to senior Bracer status since the last time the two met, but he does congratulate Estelle with her recent promotion.

Since Carna is still at Le Locle, the Ruan branch is rather understaffed until Estelle and her companion arrive, so Melvin has his hands full and is frequently away from the guild office. He can later be seen escorting Hardt, who's been scouting the town in order to categorize its tourist attractions, through the warehouse district. Hardt requested the escort after hearing bad things about that neighborhood, but the visit itself remains uneventful. Melvin is later seen in Manoria Village where he's having lunch at the White Magnolia Inn after slaying a bounty monster in the area.

Melvin returns to town while Estelle and her companions are at the academy and while patrolling the warehouse district he gets stopped by Rocco, who's been thinking of becoming a Bracer himself after Estelle's last visit to the warehouse and who wants to know what the requirements for becoming a junior Bracer are. Melvin himself couldn't provide a clear answer, wishing Rocco had asked Jean about the nitty gritty instead of him.