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Sun Door 4 found in the Umbral Labyrinth

.Memory doors are scattered around Phantasma in Trails in the Sky the 3rd. Each door provides one or more side story episodes in the form of cutscenes, interactive flashbacks, scripted battles, and minigames. They are split into three types. The Star Doors (星の扉) number 15 and provide short stories. The Moon Doors (月の扉) number 5 and provide much lengthier stories which often have interactive elements, such as being able to move around a city or have dungeons with normal encounters. The Sun Doors (太陽の扉) number 5 and exclusively provide minigames.

The Recluse Cube can be interacted with to warp between any previously encountered door.

Each door has an associated riddle. If the party satisfies the requirement set forward, the door can be opened. Some doors also provide an entry battle that must be won to see the contents.

List of memory doors

Moon doors

Episode Location Requirements Reward
1 Orbal Gear Project Part 1 First Plane -
Jade Corridor
Tita Russell &
required battle
Accessory (Sora Item).png Long Barrel EX
3000 mira
Orbal Gear Project Part 2 Previous part &
Tita Russell &
Agate Crosner
Craft (Sora Skill).png Orbal Gear (Tita)
2 Client Second Plane -
Grancel - Bracer Guild
Scherazard Harvey Space (Sora Quartz).png Heaven's Eye
4000 mira
3 Descended Wings Third Plane -
Silver Road
Klaudia von Auslese &
Key (Sora Item).png Entrance Exam Results
Space (Sora Quartz).png Falcon Eye
6000 mira
4 Departure Fourth Plane -
Saint-Croix Forest
Estelle Bright &
Joshua Bright
Time (Sora Quartz).png Memory
8000 mira
5 Happiness Stone Sixth Plane -
Monochrome Schoolhouse - Old Schoolhouse
Time (Sora Quartz).png Fortune Accessory (Sora Item).png Happiness Stone
12,000 mira

Star doors

Episode Location Requirements Reward
1 Julia's Day Off Second Plane -
Grancel - Castle
Julia Schwarz &
Mueller Vander
Earth (Sora Quartz).png Septium Vein
3000 mira
2 Salt Pale Second Plane -
Grancel - Cathedral
Win over 100 battles Earth (Sora Quartz).png Petrify
3500 mira
3 Banquet Second Plane -
Grancel - Castle - Garden Terrace
Joshua Bright &
Klaudia von Auslese
Food Sit Down (Sora Item).png Luxurious Lunch
3500 mira
4 Journey's End Third Plane -
Golden Road
Zin Vathek Water (Sora Quartz).png Yin-Yang
4000 mira
5 Swordsmanship Fourth Plane -
Balstar Channel
Anelace Elfead Sword (Sora Weapon).png Jinu (win battle)
5000 mira
6 Training, Agate-Style Fourth Plane -
Grimsel Fortress
Collect over 20 recipes Accessory (Sora Item).png Super Gladiator Belt
100 mira
7 Epstein Foundation Fifth Plane -
Luminous Labyrinth
Required battle Fire (Sora Quartz).png Ingenuity 2
7000 mira
8 Return to the Empire Fifth Plane -
Luminous Labyrinth
Olivier Lenheim &
Mueller Vander
Wind (Sora Quartz).png Divine Eye
7000 mira
9 Like a Mother Sixth Plane -
Monochrome Schoolhouse - Girls' Dormitory
50,000 mira Food Attack (Sora Item).png Bloody Meatballs
100,000 mira
10 Gordias-Class Experiment Report Sixth Plane -
Looking Glass - 2F
required battle
S Craft (Sora Skill).png Pater-Mater (Renne)
10,000 mira
11 Phantom Thief B Report Sixth Plane -
Looking Glass - 1F
Required battle Accessory (Sora Item).png Phantom Thief's Cape
10,000 mira
12 I Accept Your Request Sixth Plane -
Impregnable Fortress - Command Center
Alan Richard Mirage (Sora Quartz).png Covert
10,000 mira
13 Assault on the Imperial Guilds Sixth Plane -
Black Ark - Stern 2F
Win over 400 battles Armour (Sora Item).png Jagd Armor
10,000 mira
14 Phantasmal Blaze Sixth Plane -
Black Ark - Sanctuary
Open all other doors Accessory (Sora Item).png Brilliant Crown
30,000 mira
15 Paradise Seventh Plane -
The Abyss - Depths
Renne Mirage (Sora Quartz).png Nothingness

Sun doors

Episode Location Requirements Reward
1 Capua Express Delivery Service First Plane -
Jade Corridor
Josette Capua Space (Sora Quartz).png Detection
S Craft (Sora Skill).png Bobcat (Josette)
3000 mira
2 Legendary Angler Estelle versus Lloyd Second Plane -
Grancel - Fisherman's Guild
Estelle Bright Food Ingredient (Sora Item).png Seafood Set
5000 mira
Legendary Angler Estelle versus Norche Previous difficulty &
Estelle Bright
Food To Go (Sora Item).png Plate of Excellence
5000 mira
Legendary Angler Estelle versus Fishing Baron Previous difficulty &
Estelle Bright
Accessory (Sora Item).png Fisherman's Emblem
5000 mira
3 Arena Normal Second Plane -
Grancel - Grand Arena
Zin Vathek Fire (Sora Quartz).png Physical
5000 mira
Arena Hard Previous difficulty &
Key (Sora Item).png Tournament Invitation
Earth (Sora Quartz).png Spiritual
10,000 mira
Arena Nightmare[note 1] Previous difficulty &
Key (Sora Item).png Tournament Invitation
Water (Sora Quartz).png Soul
20,000 mira
4 Casino -Gambler Jack- Blackjack Fifth Plane -
Umbral Labyrinth
Key (Sora Item).png Destiny Card Food Sit Down (Sora Item).png Tom Yum Goong
5000 mira
Casino -Gambler Jack- Poker Previous difficulty Accessory (Sora Item).png Mirage Ring+
10,000 mira
5 Who Wants to Be a Mirannaire? Normal Sixth Plane -
Black Ark - Forecastle 1F
All level 5 quartz held Food Attack (Sora Item).png Septium Bullets
Who Wants to Be a Mirannaire? Hard Previous difficulty &
all level 5 quartz held
Food Sit Down (Sora Item).png Enigmatic Stew
Who Wants to Be a Mirannaire? Brutal Previous difficulty &
all level 5 quartz held
Wind (Sora Quartz).png Swiftness
Who Wants to Be a Mirannaire? Maniac[note 2] Previous difficulty &
all level 5 quartz held
Time (Sora Quartz).png Time Gem
  1. Completing The Arena Nightmare mode with Anelace Elfead in your party with a Sword (Sora Weapon).png Jinu weapon acquired will upgrade the power of her Jinu.
  2. Who Wants to Be a Mirannaire? Maniac mode was added in the PSP/PS3 release of The 3rd and was backported into the English PC release.