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Mercia Orphanage (マーシア孤児院) is an orphanage for children located in the Ruan province. It is currently run by Matron Theresa.


Mercia Orphanage was established by Matron Theresa and her husband Joseph some time before the Hundred Days War. During the Hundred Days War, Theresa and Joseph take in a young Kloe Rinz who had just lost her parents and raise her as their own until her relatives came to reclaim her.

After her husband's death, Teresa takes care of the orphans with Grant and Kloe Rinz helping from time to time.

Trails in the Sky FC, SC, and the 3rd

In S.1202, Mercia Orphanage was burnt down as part of Mayor Dalmore's plan to build a set of luxury villas on the location where it is set. It was rebuilt in the same year. Estelle and Joshua Bright visit the orphanage with Kloe, running into the mischievous Clem.

At an unspecified point in time, Clem and the other orphans decide to obtain a present for Matron Theresia. Mary gets lots in the search for a happiness stone and is later recovered by bracer Grant. The group return to the orphanage and have a party.

Staff and Occupants



Former employees

  • Joseph - former caretaker (Deceased)