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Mercia Orphanage (マーシア孤児院) is an orphanage for children located in the Ruan province.


Mercia Orphanage

Trails in the Sky FC


Mercia Orphanage was established by Matron Theresa and her husband Joseph some time before the Hundred Days War. During the Hundred Days War, Theresa and Joseph took in a young Kloe Rinz, who had just lost her parents, and raised her until her relatives, who had fled the Imperial forces, came to reclaim her.

5 years later, Joseph died due to an accident in Ruan. Since then, Theresa continues to take care of the orphans on her own, with Grant and Kloe helping from time to time.

Estelle and Joshua visit the orphanage in search of Clem, who had stolen Estelle's bracer emblem in Manoria Village. There they meet Kloe, who they bumped into before, and the rest of the people in the orphanage. When the bracers arrive in Ruan, they find the next day that the orphanage has burned down in a fire. The pair are sent to investigate, and conclude that the reason was arson.

During Jenis Royal Academy's festival, enough money is raised to rebuild the orphanage, but when returning the matron and Carna are attacked and the money stolen. Estelle, Joshua, Kloe and Agate, who took over the arson investigation, end up uncovering Mayor Dalmore, his assistant Gilbert and some mysterious men in black as the culprits of the arson in order to build luxury villas in the area, to cover for the Mayor's outstanding debts.


  • Orphanage Crisis: Estelle and Joshua investigate the fire that burned down the orphanage.

Trails in the Sky SC


Having managed to recover the money, Mercia Orphanage is rebuilt from the ground up by the time Estelle visits again. She is sent to ask the orphanage children about a white shadow they witnessed, and she is sent to pick the children up from Sunday School in Manoria Village. There she meets Kevin Graham again, who is the wandering pastor reading a book to the children.

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During the country-wide Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon, the people from Mercia Orphanage are evacuated to Manoria Village by the Royal Army. While evacuating, they're ambushed by Ouroboros archaisms, but Kurt, Carna, Anelace and Grant appear to help them.

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  • White Shadow Case: The children of the orphanage are one of the witnesses of a white shadow seen all over Ruan.

Staff and Occupants



Former employees

  • Joseph - former caretaker (Deceased)