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Merkabah (メルカバ) are special operation aircraft used by the Gralsritter of the Septian Church. They have been in service since ca. S.1178.

There is one for each Dominion, meaning there are no more than twelve Merkabah in total. They are operated by the Squires affiliated with said Dominion.


A Merkabah is a long, white, arrowhead shaped aircraft with two rear parallel propulsion engines and an aft exterior platform. Beneath the ship are three retractable rails that act as landing gear. The iconography of the Gralsritter is displayed prominently on the side, as the number of the corresponding Dominion.

The Merkabah are modelled after an artifact known as the Original Merkabah (天の車). In absolute secrecy, the Epstein Foundation proposed to the Septian Church to use the Original Merkabah to create the high-tech models used by Dominion ever since. Although other non-Gralsritter individuals are permitted to board these ships, the orbal engine (described as a black box) is off limits to those outside the organisation.

A Merkabah is in possession of the following capabilities:

  • Optical Camouflage: The Merkabah's exterior consists of a laminated reflective armour, giving it the ability to blend into its surroundings and making it useful for stealth missions.
  • Stealth: Keeps the ship undetected by enemy radar.
  • Barrier System: A forcefield to deflect enemy attacks.
  • Beam Cannons: The cruiser's tack/defense weapons.
  • Stigma Cannon, Mechidels (聖痕砲メギデルス): The most powerful weapon of the Merkabah. Under the activation of Mode-S (Stigmata), the Dominion captain channels his/her stigmata to the ship's power source, amplifying its maximum parameters, with the weapon charged for use.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Kevin escapes the Lusitania using his 5th Merkabah, the first to make an appearance in the series. He communicates with Ein Selnate, on board her own 1st unit. After using it to fly to Grancel and deal with the Recluse Cube, Kevin ends up in Phantasma. When all issues in Liberl are resolved, he once again departs in his Merkabah.

Ao no Kiseki

Wazy Hemisphere's 9th unit is used to help the Special Support Section traverse Crossbell undetected, and help them land in 'blindpsots' away from the detection from the various Crossbell forces arrayed against them by findings 'gaps' in the spirit veins.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Class VII go in search of a travelling priest, Barkhorn but fail to catch up with him, narrowly missing out on him despite the incredible ship and capabilities of the Courageous. Recognising their efforts and apologising for the trouble, Barkhorn alludes to his own Merkabah giving him the ability to stay ahead of the Class' efforts.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Two Merkabah appear. The new Eighth Dominion, Gaius Worzel inherits Barkhorn's unit, using it to transport Class VII around the empire after rescuing Rean Schwarzer from the Black Workshop- an effort Thomas Lysander and his 2nd Merkabah also take part in. The Merkbah takes part in the battle between the Glorious and the Pantagruel above neutral airspace, taking damage from the Aion Type-α II. This renders it unusable temporarily until it can be repaired. The and and 8th Merkabahs are present at Mishelam the day before the Great War, docked in the harbour. They are used the following day to transport two teams to two of the fake salt pales.

Hajimari no Kiseki

A grand total of six Merkabah units appear. Gaius and the 8th unit take part in the operations in the Nord Highlands, using its shields to block an advanced detachment of automated Calvardian tanks. The appearance of the Great One takes everyone present by surprise, and it disabled both the 8th Merkabah and the Courageous II in ere moments, rendering it unusable for some time.

Five more Merkabah, led by Thomas Lysander, take part in the final battle against Elysium and Reverse Babel. Thomas uses his partitions to block enemy projectiles and protect other combatants. Along with the 2nd, the 5th (Kevin's), 9th (Wazy's) and two other unknowns (the 3rd and 11th) take part.


Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Ao no Kiseki

Trails of Cold Steel IV

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