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Michael Irving (ミハイル・アーヴィング少佐(しょうさ)), also known as Irving the Tenacious (不撓のアーヴィング), is a commissioned major with the Railway Military Police temporarily loaned to the Thors Branch Campus as Chief Instructor.


Michael is a straight-laced devoted soldier. He is considered both professional and loyal.

He was born as Michael Rieveldt, but assumed his mother's name after he cut ties with his father following.


Michael Rieveldt is a son of the Vice-President of the Rieveldt Company. They were always very close to the other Rieveldt family until the accident that took the lives of Claire's father, mother and little brother. After that Claire was taken in to their family and Michael was a reliable older brother to Claire.

After Michael's father got caught in a practice of scamming, Michael and his mother discarded the name "Rieveldt" and took back his mother's family name "Irving" and so they cut ties with the incident.

Joining the Military Police

Michael joined the Railway Military Police around the same time as Claire Rieveldt, whom he considers a rival at heart. Michael is very strict with Claire and that is his slightly awkward way of being concerned about his adoptive sister.

Trails of Cold Steel II

During the Erebonian Civil War, Michael lent his support to the Imperial Army and fought alongside Olivert Reise Arnor when the military was overpowered.

Trails of Cold Steel III

The real purpose behind Michael's transfer to Thors Branch Campus is twofold. First, he is to monitor the principal and former provincial army commander Aurelia Le Guin. Second, he is responsible for using the classes of the school as counter-measures against the possible actions of Ouroboros and the Jaegers, of which he possesses special intelligence.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel III

Michael Irving
Michael Irving Note (Sen III)
Branch Campus (Chief Instructor) / RMP
A Special Ops. Major in the RMP who also serves as the government's liaison. Aurelia's actions often cause him headaches.
Was only appointed at the branch campus to keep an eye on things, but seeing the students grow is very fulfilling to him.
Family Photo
After the accident, the Rieveldt family fell apart, but he found a picture that let him know how his parents really felt.

Michael Irving Note (Sen III)


Trails of Cold Steel III


  • In Dengeki PlayStation 536, Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo comments that "Michael Irving is a real military man [...]". The only other appearance of the name "Irving" in the series is in Moon Door 2 of Trails in the Sky The 3rd, where General Morgan's son and daughter-in-law, Irving and Rachel, are in the final month of the pregnancy of their soon to be born child, Rianne. In Trails in the Sky FC and SC, Rianne lives with her grandparents in the City of Grancel while her parents are unmentioned. It is believed that Major Michael is the father of Rianne and thus the son of General Morgan.[3] Neither Famitsu nor the official Trails of Cold Steel III website, however, mention the name "Irving".


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