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Michel (ミシェル) is the receptionist of the Crossbell Branch of the Bracer Guild.



Michel is a tall, muscular adult with a tanned complexion, pronounced chin and bronze-brown hair styled into cornrows. Michel has prominent sideburns and bright green eyes. Michel wears a loosely buttoned pink long-sleeved collar shirt and lilac trousers, along with shiny pointed dress shoes. Numerous pieces of jewellery included several gold chains, pendants, rings and large ruby red earrings can be seen.


Michel is a flamboyant individual, full of expression and amicable to all. Michel is not above challenging the competence of those who are unfamiliar but is friendly and quickly develops rapport. A well-prepared individual, Michel trusts in people's better natures. Michel corrects everyone who uses male pronouns or references and explained to KeA that this is simply a stylistic choice.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure[]

When the Crossbell Police Department established the Special Support Section, Michel was rather indifferent toward its members and quizzed their knowledge about the world as soon as the chance arose. Over time, Michel recognised their abilities and gradually developed a bond with them.

Among Bracer Guild receptionists, Michel is considered one of the best prepared individuals. Michel was worried about Arios MacLaine's resignation as a bracer to join the Crossbell Defense Force, but rightfully trusted that he would return.

Trails into Reverie[]

With the reopening of the Crossbell City Bracer Guild branch, Michel returns as its receptionist.

Character Notes[]

Trails into Reverie[]

Michel Note (Hajimari)
Bracer Guild
The receptionist at Crossbell's Guild branch whom Arios trusts implicity. His feminine tone and big personality make him stand out from the crowd.
Contacting HQ
Michel is quick to reach out to the Bracer Guild's HQ for reinforcements after the Supreme Leader Rufus' declaration of war.



Akatsuki no Kiseki[]

Name Description
Craft (Akatsuki Skill) 影止めの術 攻撃クラフト:中円(地点指定)・MOV-2
Craft (Akatsuki Skill) 光華飛散 攻撃クラフト:中円
Craft (Akatsuki Skill) 吸引 攻撃クラフト:単体
Craft (Akatsuki Skill) 台風 攻撃クラフト:小円
S Craft (Akatsuki Skill) 情絶剣 攻撃Sクラフト:単体・確率50%で混乱


Trails from/to Zero and Azure[]

Akatsuki no Kiseki[]