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Micht (ミヒュト) is the pawnshop owner in Trista in Trails of Cold Steel.



Micht is a middle aged man with grey hair and amber eyes. He wears a beige pinstripe collar shirt, blue and pale green waistcoat, brown trousers and leather boots.


Micht keeps to himself and upon first impressions, comes across as quite self-centred and obnoxiously rude. However, he caudally shows a more caring and altruistic side as events progress.


According to Keynes, he used to be a writer, but when he asked about it, he claimed that was not his main job. Micht is the author the Carnelia series, within which the eponymous character named after his own self dies- something evidently false due to his continued existence.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Micht is first introduced in the Imperial suburb town of Trista, where he works as the owner of a pawn store, Micht's Pawnstore. He is initially dismissive of the students in the town, but nevertheless offers his services and offers to trade in goods that are rare or seldom found elsewhere. he is an acquaintance of Toval Randonneur and Ein Selnate, having featured characters based upon their likenesses in his series of books named Carnelia. He provides information and features in several side quests.

According to Keynes, another store owner in Trista, Micht never shows up at their shop owner gatherings.