Middle Ages

The Middle Ages (中世(ちゅうせい)), sometimes described as the Septian Era (七耀教会(しちようきょうかい)による安定期(あんていき), lit. "the period of stability thanks to the Septian Church"), was an era in the history of Zemuria from the end of the Dark Ages in S.500 until the Orbal Revolution marked the start of the modern era in S.1150.


The first appearance of the Septian Church occurred around the year S.500, and marked the end of the Dark Ages.

Forming a religion based around the Goddess of the Sky Aidios, the Church permeated social consciousness through humanitarian aid and social unity, attracting even the knights' attentions. Cotton and other crops became more widely cultivated.

Tthe majority of contemporary Zemurian constructions were built during the Middle Ages.

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