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Miguel (ミゲル) is an informant active in Raquel.



Miguel is a middle-aged man with brown eyes and short wavy hair worn below a black cap. He wears a black woollen turtleneck sweater, gray trousers and a brown leather jacket.


On a surface level, Miguel is a conniving sly man who can put on an amicable facade and feign loyalty, but in truth sell someone out at the earliest opportunity for his own gain. He is not afraid to use threats or flee when a situation is disadvantageous. He harbours a fetish for being stepped on by women, and will glady give out information for the opportunity. He describes his actions as 'living his life' and being 'true to his needs'.

Miguel covertly keeps his softer side hidden. He had initially sensed a young boy was in bad trouble and helped him get to safety, but guilitly gave him away after soliders came to question him. This event filled him with guilt that would follow him for the next part of his life. This guilt led him to selling out people he knew and taking Mira, although he still turned out to the funeral of Ellen and paid a donation.


Miguel was a merchant up until 10 years prior to the start of the Great Twilight, and became aware of all sorts of secret supply routes that would aid him later in life.

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Fourteen years ago, he was peddling wares near Parm and first met Ash Carbide when he went out for a smoke break. Ash, who had fled the Hamel Tragedy was found by Miguel who sensed trouble. He placed Ash on a train for Raquel at the first opportunity but soliders came for him and semed aware that he had helped Ash escape. The soliders paid him to get rid of Ash. He was anxious to be rid of Ash and so gave him to one of his favourite hostesses at a local club, who took Ash in, despite knowing nothing about him and raised him as her own.

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Trails of Cold Steel III

Miguel greets Rean Schwarzer, Ash Carbide and the rest of new Class VII when they travel around Raquel on their operations. He feigns friendship and offers information about Jaeger activity at a cheap rate on account of Ash being a friendly face but sells them out at firts opportunity. Rean later confornts him about his after giving chase with Angelica Rogner, Sara Valestein and with assistance from Claire Rieveldt. He gives up information after he reveals his fetish for being stepped on by beautiful women.

At the onset of the Great Twilight, Miguel instantly falls to the influence of the Erebonian Curse and schemes about how misfortune befalling the Emperor would let him set up plans and motions. He thinks about getting a leg up on his competitors.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Miguel, now under the influence of the curse, has been misusing the information at his disposal to war-profiteer and obtain weapons, distributing them to youths. He has also been helping the reborn Fafnir and aggressive youths in town and states his work as 'teaching young people the value of hard work.'He made good use of his knowledge of supply routes to aid his endeavours.

He later confronts Ash and Rean and draws a gun on them, challenging them as enemies of the state. They deduce his identity as the man who helped young Ash all those years ago and he retells the story. However, Miguel is unable to pull the trigger. Ash brings up Miguel's inner conflict and struggle with his sins and gets through to him, stating how he is thankful for what Miguel did all those years ago. Ash still gives Miguel some payback for his recent actions however and knocks him out with one swift punch.

They later find him buying flowers for Ash's deceased adoptive mother. He wishes them well and to come back in one piece.