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Miles (マイルズ) is the receptionist clerk at Erebonian branches of the Bracer Guild during Trails of Cold Steel II and the The Ring of Judgment manga.



Miles is a young man with medium length black hair and purple eyes. He wears glasses. Miles wears a long green trench coat with a khaki trim, high collar and thick sleeves. He wears a long thick cravat around his neck, fastened with a golden band.


The Ring of Judgment

Miles is working as a receptionist of the Alster throughout the events of the manga. He tells Estelle, Joshua and Toval he's received reports that some of the Jesters, the jaeger corps responsible for the assault on the Imperial Guilds, are still active and causing damage in the region. He also mentions that he lost contact with the bracers that went to investigate this matter, and asks for their help.[1]

Trails of Cold Steel II

At the start of the October War, Miles travels to Legram to serve as the town's guild branch's receptionist and the guild's "control tower" in Erebonia, due to Legram's proximity to the western front and the fact that it's one of the few cities in the Empire to still have a guildhouse. He uses his position to share information with the other branches, and send bracers to troubled regions that need the most help.[2]

He often hears about Class VII's exploits during the war from Sara Valestein and Toval Randonneur.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

After Class VII reunites with Laura and Emma, Miles gives them a couple of requests from the guild as no bracers are available to fulfill them.[2]

Later, he tells Rean that after they fled Trista, the other Thors students started forming small resistance groups to oppose the Noble Alliance, giving him hope.[3]

Representative Burrows, a political refugee staying with his family in Legram during the war, asks Miles for any news from Heimdallr, but Miles unfortunately can't tell him anything with certainty.[5]

In December 27th, Miles and Butler Klaus send a request to the Courageous. The fog around the town started getting thicker and thicker, and on the previous night they heard the sound of a bell ringing coming from Lohengrin Castle. Because Class VII had already explored the castle in the past, Miles asks them to find a solution to this problem.[6]


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