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Mille Mirage (千の陽炎(ミル・ミラージュ)) was a counteroperation against Operation Jormungandr. The plan was drafted by Duchess Mildine Juzalith de Cayenne in order to put a hold on the imperial army's invasion of Calvard.


Using her position and wealth as Cayenne heir as well as her ability to think far ahead strategically, Mildine served as the sponsor of the Weissland Army and drafted a plan to counter the largest military army in the history of Zemuria, Operation Jormungand, consisting of more than 1.2 million foot soldiers and a plethora of tanks, Panzer Soldats, railway guns and warship fleets.[1]

Mildine attempted and succeeded to gather a force equal to the size of Operation Jormungand, drawing from all West Zemurian nations outside Erebonia. The allied force Mille Mirage was commanded by Liberlian Cassius Bright and consisted of the Republic Army of Calvard (800,000 soldiers), the Royal Army of Liberl (120,000), the rebellious imperial Weissland Army (100,000), the military force of Remiferia (80,000), the Papal Guard of Arteria (30,000), the voluntary national guards of Leman and Ored (20,000), voluntary individuals from Crossbell and North Ambria (10,000) and other organisations (40,000).[1]

The Bracer Guild, Special Support Section and, despite Mildine being a member, Class VII abstained from fully collaborating with Mille Mirage, as it did not have their interests at heart. They opted to support Prince Olivert's Radiant Wings plan.[1]


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