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Milsante (宿場町ミルサンテ), also known as the Inn Town, is a town in the Lamarre Province, Erebonia.


Milsante has been known as a sightseeing spot since circa S.1200.[Note 1] The town did not used to be connected to the railroad network, even though tracks ran near the town. Diana then proposed to all its inhabitants to revitalise the town in order to make it more attractive to have a station built.[1]


General Store - Diana

Inn - White Birch

Milsante Chapel



  • Fuller[JP 13]
  • Niki[JP 14] (stands on the terrace of Inn - White Birch, keeping a diary with sightings of lake monster Gasshi)




  1. Old Lady Gozer says it has been "6, 7 years" on 25 August S.1206.[1]


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Names in Japanese

  1. ディアナ
  2. ハルシュ
  3. マイヤー
  4. アルバン
  5. ロベルト
  6. ガスパール
  7. エスタ
  8. ライヒ
  9. ゲーデル教区長
  10. シトラ
  11. ルーカス
  12. ゴーザ婆さん
  13. フラー
  14. 二キ