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Minneth (ミンネス) is a renowned swindler claiming to be a merchant who is active across Western Zemuria.



Minneth appears to be a middle aged man with combed-back brown hair and matching eyes and wispy moustache He wears an emerald green suit with a golden hem, as well as a blue collared shirt complete with brown waistcoat and olive green tie. He also wears a golden monocle over his right eye, with a little golden chain.


Whilst on the surface appearing just to be a shrewd and opportunistic businessman and merchant, Minneth hides an extremely conniving and sometimes sadistic side to his personality. He sees no shame in his efforts to oust ordinary people out of their homes and livelihoods if it results in the chance of gaining a profit. He is also not above unleashing military monsters on those he views as threats to his ambitions. The fact that he has been caught and is known for his deeds barely even hinders his future ambitions. When caught in a unfavourable situation, he does start to whimper and act cowardly, despite his sharp wit for conning and deceiving people. He claims it is 'nature' to 'turn everything into a profit' and has no qualms about taking down his foes with him.

Trails in the Sky FC, SC, and the 3rd

Minneth is not mentioned by name, however Don Capua relates the story of how the Capua Family became sky bandits in the first place after losing their ancestral lands to a conman. they had originally been planning to just sell their mansion (which would later become the Branch campus dormitory in Leeves), but had inadvertently signed over the deeds to all their wealth and lands. This swindler was later revealed to have been Minneth.

Trails to Azure

The Special Support Section foil Minneth's attempts to seize control over Armorica Village after he alost gets Derrick to sign over the documents. Here it is revealed Minneth has a company named The Quincy Company and he was intending to capitalise on Armorica's famous honey to convert Armorica's lush fields into factories for producing sweets using it, ousting the villagers to obtain their properties in the process as part of a subsidiary of his business- "The Armorica Honey Company".

When the SSS arouse their suspicions of Minneth, who states that his own personal dislike of sweets is no reason he cannot have a sweet owning business, they investigate him only to run afoul of several military monsters under his control. Minneth relishes the thought that they won't be able to stop him from selling stolen Remiferian medical goods in Calvard, but the SSS successfully defeat the monsters and apprehend him to the best of their ability, since he is partially protected by the law due to being an Erebonian citizen. It is suggested he has a link to the Red Constellation who had been active in Armorica's area and use similar types of creatures. Due to his failure at Armorica, he claims he is now a wanted man.

Trails into Reverie

Minneth is apparently active once again, returning to Crossbell, a place he deems as having 'unpleasant memories' in reference to his prior encounter with the SSS to conduct business with a fellow swindler- the sweet old lady brand counterfeiter from Calvard (who had also been apprehended by the SSS on a separate occasion in the past). With their business partnership, they are joyful at the prospect of an independent Crossbell being prime for their schemes.

Alex Dudley and Machias Regnitz spring a surprise attack on them at Crossbell's harbour after investigating the swindling following a reduction in coffee supplies. They had used the records from the SSS to piece together the identity of the culprits. Minneth and the old lady were confident in their chances, and hoped to crush the justice duo with sheer numbers, but were unsuccessful and both are apprehended and forced to face Crossbell's legal system - now unhindered by the fact they are both foreigners. The disrupted coffee bean shipments are then restored and justice prevails.