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Mint (ミント) is introduced as a commoner student in Class III at Thors Military Academy.



Mint is a small young woman with bright green hair and red eyes.

As a student of Thors, Mint wears her hair tied back into two buns, tied with pink ribbon. She wears the standard commoner uniform for Thors Military Academy, consisting of a white and green blazer, red neckt-tie and chequered skirt in brown.

Mints appearance after graduation includes wearing her hair tied back into one short pony tail. Mint now wears three-quarter length dark green slacks, a navy vest top, and a brown engineers' apron with several tools. Mint also wears blue sneakers, gloves and a pair of goggles upon her head.


Mint has a a kind and seemingly innocent personality, and a predisposition for trying to help others, despite her chronic clumsiness. She cares deeply for her for her uncle Makarov, taking a great interest in his love life by attempting to set him up with another instructor, Mary Altheim which only serves to annoy him. Other's are wary of mint's clumsiness but appreciate her helpful attitude and engineering skills. When Pablo introduces himself as a student of Mint, he claims others became 'understandably on guard' showing she has a reputation.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Mint is the daughter of Johann and Vanilla. Instructor Makarov is her uncle, and Mint enrolled in Thors Military Academy in S.1204. She is proficient in orbal science, but is very clumsy and has trouble in basically everything else.

During her time at the academy, she also joins the Wind Orchestra club and tries to get Instructor Mary together with her uncle. One of the side quests involves finding Milk, her family's pet cat.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

After graduation, she began working as an orbal engineer, travelling around Erebonia and helping the populace in various towns with engineering projects and jobs. After a reunion with Rean Schwarzer and the new Class VII in Parm, Mint takes up a role in the understaffed branch campus, maintaining the Panzer Soldats and Valimar. She also helps Professor Schmidt from time to time, although her clumsy nature continually angered him. Mint is able to increase the operating efficiency of Valimar through her maintenance and despite her clumsiness and lackadaisical attitude, becomes an asset to the school. During the summer festival, Mint accompanies Elliot around the western half of the city. Mint is amongst a group of Thors alumni present in the capital when the Gral of Erebos is summoned and black Pleroma grass starts to sprout.

Mint, along with several other Thors graduates, seemingly disappears at the start of the Great Twilight. In truth, she had been assisting with the preparations on board the newly built Courageous II. Mint is helping operate one of the consoles when the ship makes its debut in the battle between the Glorious and the Pantagruel. Mint seemingly has control over the main cannon.

Mint has secretly fixed the Zemurian ore tachi used by Valimar, used in the battle against Alan to try and return him to his senses. She helps her uncle set up a combat network during the time at Mishelam, but decides his relationship with Mary isn't moving fast enough, calling up Mary's father, Count Hoen Altheim so that Makarov can declare his intentions.

Trails into Reverie

G. Schmidt asks Tita Russell to make sure Mint doesn't blow anything up. Tita initially claims she is sure that Mint would not do something like that but reconsiders after several recent incidents spring to mind. After initially only wanting Mint's advice, Tita and others are forced into a planning committee for the Orbal Gear IV project at her behest- Mint is helping Makarov with other projects too however and cannot fully commit to the planning meetings for Tita. Together they discuss and engineer a solution that could allow the Orbal Gear to fly.

At the Thors Branch Campus festival, Mint is determined to try every dish, even to the point of making herself sick. Mint announces the candidates for the student council elections, naming Stark, Leonora and Ash Carbide- to his surprise. She later announces Ash as the winner.

Mint also helps her Uncle Makarov complete his 'graduation project' the Tyrfing series of Soldats, and by doing so, helping Makarov prove himself to the world as a engineer and as a man, allowing him to court Mary with no regrets. Wallace Bardias, who had been arranged to meet Mary withdrew himself after not wishing to get between them. After successfully accomplishing her mission of bringing Mary and Makarov together, Mint sets her sights of Wallace and Aurelia Le Guin, despite Makarov's protests.

Mint and George are seen assisting Makarov with the Soldats and Tyrfing models on board the Arseille II during the battle around Reverse Babel.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Mint Note (Sen).png Year 1 Class III (Wind Orchestra)
Plays the flute in the Wind Orchestra. An optimistic girl who doesn't dwell on things.
She made a new kind of homemade food for her uncle, Instructor Makarov. It as a distinctive bitter taste.
She seems surprisingly taken by Mishy, the mascot character she spotted at the general store.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Mint Note (Sen).png Year 1 Class III (Wind Orchestra)
The clumsy niece of Instructor Makarov. Plays flute in the Wind Orchestra.
She was given a wristwatch by Makarov when she enrolled at the academy, which she treasures greatly.
Believing it to be the best thing for her uncle, she is determinedly trying to get him and Instructor Mary together.
Put her name forward to be the new head of the Wind Orchestra, but everyone voted for Bridget instead.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Mint Note (Sen III).png
Orbal Engineer
An endlessly clumsy engineer and Rean's former schoolmate. The niece of Schmidt's second disciple, Makarov.
Handles Valimar's maintenance under Professor Schmidt's guidance. Valimar catches her when she falls off him.
Wind Orchestra
Used to be in Wind Orchestra with Elliot. When he visited the branch campus, she dusted off her flute.

Mint Note (Sen III).png

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Mint Note (Sen III).png
Orbal Engineer
An innocent yet endlessly clumsy engineer and Rean's former classmate. The niece of Schmidt's second disciple, Makarov.
Debut Flautist
Mint provided accompaniment for Arc en Ciel, showing no sign of being nervous about performing in front of so many people.
Wedding Bells
A chance communication revealed that Mary and Makarov were engaged. Mint wished the happy couple all the best.

Mint Note (Sen III).png

Trails into Reverie

Mint Note (Sen III).png


Trails of Cold Steel

Trails of Cold Steel III


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