Mishelam (保養地(ほようち)ミシュラム) is a wellness resort built on the southern side of Lake Elm, Crossbell. Many nobles and other wealthy people own a holiday house there


Mishelam Residence Area (Zero)

Residence Area of Mishelam.

Since S.1202, the IBC has been boosting the development of Mishelam by building a high-class hotel and arcade. They also completed its large-scale theme park known as Mishelam Wonderland, the eye-catcher that draws many new tourists to the place.

Its mascot, Mishy, and its deviants, the female version Mishette and Evil Mishy, gained popularity in Crossbell and the rest of Zemuria alike.


Mishelam Wonderland

  • Mascots: Mishy and Mishette
  • Fortuneteller (totally not Luciola)
  • Staff Member Hanks

Hotel Delfinia

  • General Manager Haggar
  • Staff: Sorg (clerk), Citrus (maid) and Rocchi (maid)
  • Guests: Toma and Albina (about-to-be-engaged)

Fortuna Restaurant

  • Lute (owner)
  • Marcy

Boutique Colserica

  • Winona (owner)
  • Drona

Diamante Jewelers

  • Mariah (owner)
  • Tyler

Lake Beach

  • Receptionist Carmina
  • Tupper
  • Lifeguard Wave
  • Elizabeth (cat)

Mishelam Guest House

  • Guide Barclays
  • Butlers Leonard, Coen, Fendt and Christoph
  • Maid Judy, Roxanne, Brenda and Pamela
  • Guests: James and Eveline (husband and wife), and Nikita

Orbal Bus

  • Crew Salsa


  • Gavilan
  • Rugman
  • Zele
  • Emmy
  • Elise


Mishelam can be reached from Crossbell City by orbal water bus.

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