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Mishelam Wonderland

Mishelam Wonderland (ミシュラム・ワンダーランド), abbreviated to MWL, is a theme park in Mishelam, Crossbell.


The IBC is responsible for the development of Mishelam Wonderland, the eye-catcher that draws many new tourists to the wellness resort Mishelam. The park opened its doors during the summer of S.1204. Its mascot, Mishy, and its deviants, the female version Mishette and Evil Mishy, gained popularity in Crossbell and the rest of Zemuria alike.


The funding and development for Mishelam, including the Wonderland, were all part of the 1000 year plan of the Crois Family of Alchemists to create an artificial replacement for their lost Sept-Terrion. Mishelam itself is built in an area with an especially notable concentration of spiritual energy through the Septium vein and the Castle of Mirrors acts as the 'fourth point' in a cross, design to channel the alchemic energy from the Moon Temple, Sun Fort and Stargazer's Tower through the Mystic Core of the Orchis Tower.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

The Special Support Section and Crossbell as a whole use the park as a place for leisure and relaxation, attracting visitors from all over the continent, unaware of the hidden functions. The SSS run afoul of Campanella at one point, who changes the iconography of the park from Mishy to a joker's face and borrows Luciola's mist spirits to play with the SSS.

When trying to locate KeA Bannings. they infiltrate the Castle of Mirrors, whose interior has shifted and is full of spiritual energy, as well as being filled with fiends and monsters. On the top of the castle, a false mirror conceals a great orbal device where KeA receives the energy from the Crossbell system and awakens into the Originator of Zero, Azure-Demiourgos.

After the conflict in Crossbell is over, the castle is supposedly remodelled back to an attraction.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

Mishelam Wonderland forms part of Rufus Albarea's Operation: Birdcage, used to trap the SSS and those regarded as their supporters so that the populace of Crossbell cease to rely on them.

Class VII return to the Wonderland looking for Matthew Crawford, Juna's father who may be able to help them access the marshlands where large numbers of the Imperial Defence Force are patrolling and the trails grounds for the Golden Knight is located.

Later, the forces patrolling the Mishelam area are withdrawn in preparation for the Great War, giving the Radiant Wings a final night of respite. They make full use of the attractions and facilities in the final night before the start of the war.

Trails into Reverie

The SSS investigate Mishelam after reports of a computer virus. They confront Mecha-Mishy who has apparently been infected.

During their efforts to track down Olivert's missing Sonorous Seashell, Rean and his allies trace the artefact to Michelam wonderland with the assistance of Roselia. They too, run into Mecha-Mishy who treats them like an enemy. The party defeat several mechanical gargoyles scattered around the Wonderland before fighting Mecha-Mishy, who flies up to the sky and detonates in his final moments. They then make their way to the Castle of Mirrors.

The interior of the Castle has been changed once again, becoming a Spirit World through magic reflections. The castle is once again full of spiritual energy and fiends. The party progress through the castle, confronting traps and Simulacrum of themselves whilst Rean notices something off with his own reflection in the various mirrors. At the castle's summit, they discover Zoa Balor and a strange version of Rean after escaping from a weird mirror trap which distorts his hair and eye colour. Rean confronts his doppelganger and smashes the mask worn by it. The second Rean mentions cryptic vents and withdraws, summoning a large Divine Knight named Zoa Gilstein from Zoa Balor. The Sonorous Seashell is found attached to a large orbal computer broadcasting a signal that blocks communications. G. Schmidt is summoned to disable it.


  • Castle of Mirrors- a large labyrinth filled with mirrors and reflective tricks, resembling a large fairytale castle. The stated goal is to reach the top and ring the bell to have a wish granted. The castle is the most spiritual location in the Wonderland, having been distorted into a Spirit world and featuring fiends on more than one occasion. The facility also stores a hidden room with a machine that is part of the Crois family's plans to remake a Sept-Terrion.
  • Horror Coaster- a haunted mansion ride where participants ride along shooting down representations of fiends and monsters for points, before finally confronting a boss. Mariabell Crois has a twisted version of this ride as one of her S-Crafts.
  • Fortune Teller- a mysterious veiled woman, later revealed to be Luciola who tells people's fortunes. For a while, Beryl takes over her role, using the base of the Castle of Mirrors as a site.
  • Ferris Wheel- Popular amongst couples, the giant Ferris wheel is large rotating structure that gives a great view of the area. It has a giant sun emblem on the wheel.