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Mishy (みっしぃ) is a grey and white cat and the mascot of Nihon Falcom. Mishy was introduced in the series as the mascot character of Mishelam Wonderland in Trails from/to Zero and Azure. Mishy has also cameoed as a real cat in a number of Falcom games since such as their Ys series and Nayuta no Kiseki and is referenced in Tokyo Xanadu.

Mishy has a sister named Mishette and also a rival in the form of a mechanized version of himself called Mecha Mishy, who is later revealed to actually be his long lost brother, Mischneider. He additionally has an evil counterpart known as Evil Mishy.



Mishy is a tall gray and white bipedal cat with a large head. He used to have slanted eyebrows but the modern version has small friendlier ones. Mishy has a long gray busy tail with a white tip.


Ever optimistic, Mishy is a champion of justice and friendship to all. Children (and many who are older) love him and his antics. He can sometime be rather bumbling, as opposed to his more level-headed sister, Mishette.

Trails of Cold Steel

During the Thors Academy Festival, Class V hosts a game called Mishy Panic. The prize is a Mishy plush and the objective is to use a large mallet to smash the Evil Mishy character popping out of holes, while avoiding smashing either the normal Mishy or Mishette, which results in a point deduction.

Laura S. Arseid notes that despite the character having originated in Crossbell, she sees him quite a bit in the Empire and admits a certain fondness for him herself.

Trails of Cold Steel III

A new show is held during the Summer Festival in Heimdallr, during which Mishy is unexpectedly challenged by an individual named Mecha Mishy who declares himself to be the real Mishy. He knocks Mishy to the ground, but Mishy is able to get back up thanks to the audience's cheers. He then tells Mecha Mishy that it doesn't matter which of them is real, and the two of the sing and dance together, chanting the catchphrase "Let's dance and make a wishy... with Mishy."

In Vantage Masters, if the player lands Mishy during the initial coin toss, they play first. If however, Evil Mishy appears, their opponent plays first instead.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

A costumed Mishy is a Vantage Masters opponent at Mishelam Wonderland, an entire park themed after Mishy. Merchandise themed after Mishy and his siblings is available throughout the park.

On the eventide of Operation Jormungandr, the joint forces of Mille Mirage and Operation Shining Steel are given exclusive access for an evening of fun inside the park. During the event, a new show is presented. The show was originally not scheduled to begin until the next month, but brought forward for the event. In it, Mecha Mishy reveals that that he is actually Mishy's long-lost brother, Mischneider, much to the delight of both Jingo and Tio Plato, who are both great fans of Mishy.

Campanella and Mariabell Crois use magic to project an image of Evil Mishy onto the door leading to them inside Tuatha De Danann.

The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails

Mishy is a rare creature, rarely seen by anyone. Mishy appears as a grey fur-coloured cat. It is marked by its cries of "mishishi". The innards of its ears are a soft red, just like a regular cat-based creature, and the ends of its tail in white. Mishy stands in the form of a human and never crawls on its paws.

Akatsuki no Kiseki

Mishy is found in a number of colour-coded varieties and is used as material for the growth of your characters in the Training or Awakening menus. They each have different effects and there is a set Mira fee for using each of them.

Name Usage
Bronze Mishy (Akatsuki).png Bronze
These Mishy are used for leveling your characters in the Training menu. Each of these are ranked between 1 and 3 stars and give increasingly larger amounts of EXP to your characters.
Silver Mishy (Akatsuki).png Silver
Gold Mishy (Akatsuki).png Gold
Green Mishy (Akatsuki).png Green
These Mishy are used as material for Awakening characters. They have the same function as regular characters in Awakening, and can be between 1 and 5 stars. They have no special effects, but are generally easier to find with higher star rankings.
Rainbow Mishy (Akatsuki).png Rainbow
These Mishy are used as material for Awakening characters. They boost the success rate of Awakening to 100% when used. It's best to use a single Rainbow Mishy when Awakening characters who are at least 4 star.
Guren Mishy (Akatsuki).png Crimson
These are rare Mishy that when used in Training raise the level a random unlocked craft, including Command Crafts.
Kurogane Mishy (Akatsuki).png Iron
These are rare Mishy that are used in Ultimate Awakening to boost the level cap of a 6 star character up to a maximum of level 40. As duplicate 6 star characters can also be used for this, it is best to save these for limited characters (such as Duvalie) or premium gatcha characters (such as Renne).
Aqua Mishy (Akatsuki).png Aqua
These are rare Mishy that are used in Training for 6 star characters only. On first use, they will unlock the Command Craft of the character (if they have one). On subsequent uses they have a 1 in 3 chance of raising the level of a random unlocked craft.
Violet Mishy (Akatsuki).png Violet
These are stat-boosing Mishy used in training to raise one of either STR, DEF or HP at random (max 99 per stat). They can be obtained through special in-game events or by pulling from 90 Box gacha.
Sakura Mishy (Akatsuki).png Sakura
These are stat-boosing Mishy used in training to raise one of either ATS, ADF or EP at random (max 99 per stat). They can be obtained through special in-game events or by pulling from 90 Box gacha.




  • A plush toy of Mishy was included as part of the Thors Academy Edition of the English-language release of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III, the most expensive edition of the game, exclusive to the NISA Online Store.[1]