The monarchy of Liberl is constitutional, defining and limiting the role and position of its monarch by the constitution of Liberl. The Kingdom of Liberl has been an independent monarchy since its foundation during the beginning of the Septian Calendar.


The monarchy in Liberl co-exists alongside its practical democracy, meaning that a portion of the kingdom's resources have remained property of the crown and its government. Even after the constitution establishing the mayoralties of Liberl was written, the royal family retained significant amounts of land.

The monarch of Liberl is therefore responsible for authorising, and recording that authorisation, the mine chiefs for a given excavation site. The Malga Mine in Rolent, for example, is technically property of the crown. Local miners can only mine legally with commission from the monarch.

One of the treasures of the royal family is the sword Celestial, which is said to be forged by a famous blacksmith. It can be bought on-board the Arseille during the Finale of Trails in the Sky SC.

Collaboration with the Septian Church

The monarchy of Liberl has worked closely together with the Septian Church for over a thousand years. They consider each other partners in maintaining peace and order in the kingdom. The current Archbishop Currant wishes to continue this development and seeks friendship with Queen Alicia II rather than a political alliance, in which he wishes to remain neutral.

Technological investment

Liberl's technological developments have been made possible through the capital investment of the royal family. In particular King Edgar III, the 25th monarch, was keen to advance Liberl's technology. He donated a large amount of money to the Zeiss Engineering Factory (ZEF) to boost the development of orbal technology in S.1160.

Although he passed away two years later, the ZEF completed the construction of its first orbal-driven clocktower in the City of Zeiss that year and in S.1164, construction of the moveable Langland Bridge in the City of Ruan is completed. A successful flight with the first orbal-powered airship, the Calatrava, was achieved in S.1168.

The high-speed cruiser Arseille, which was completed in S.1202, is the royal family's airship but is mainly used by the Royal Guard of the Royal Army.

Divine treasure

Main article: Aureole

In order to safeguard the Sept-Terrion of space, Aureole, as was once sealed away by Celeste D. Auslese, the royal family has passed down the following legend to keep the seals for the treasure in place:

“The Shining Ring shall bring catastrophe, condemning the souls of men to eternal purgatory. It has been sealed within the interval of the blackest dark, that we might retain our humanity.”

Based on this legend it was assumed that the Aureole was sealed away in the Sealed Area beneath Grancel Castle, but this was merely a facility constructed by Celeste to facilitate the actual sealing.

Family tree

Celeste D. Auslese (The 3rd Evo)
Celeste D. Auslese
(c. S0 - ?) Liberl Crest
Nameless king
(? - S1099)
Liberl Crest
Joshua Bright as Cecilia (FC Evo)
Cecilia von Auslese
Liberl Crest
Edgar von Auslese III
(? - S1162)
Liberl Crest
Alicia von Auslese (FC Evo)
Alicia von Auslese II
Liberl Crest
Unnamed spouse
Unnamed sibling
Judis von Auslese
(? - S1187)
Liberl Crest
Unnamed wife
(? - S1187)
Dunan von Auslese (FC Evo)
Dunan von Auslese
Liberl Crest
Klaudia von Auslese Royal Dress (SC Evo)
Klaudia von Auslese
Liberl Crest

(Spouses of which no information is available are omitted.)

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