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The Monster Damage Report (魔獣被害調書(まじゅうひがいちょうしょ)) is a report shown to the Special Support Section in Trails from Zero, Chapter 1: "Afternoon of the Wolves" by the Crossbell Guardian Force.


Monster Damage Report

  • Summary:
    Recently, several locations in Crossbell State were attacked by unidentified monsters. The Guardian Force has performed an investigation in an attempt to evaluate the incidents.

    Three cases have been reported. The suspects in each case are 'wolf-like monsters.'

    The following three pages detail each case.
  1. Armorica Village
    Date and time: Three weeks ago, night
    Location: Entire village area
    The damage was discovered in the morning, says village chief. All families suffered damage to their crops and livestock.
    Eyewitnesses: None (all villagers asleep).
    Other evidence:
    Various canine prints were discovered inside the village. No similar prints found in areas outside the village.
  2. St. Ursula Medical College
    Date and time: One week ago, night
    Location: Hospital premises
    One medical intern was attacked and wounded by an invading pack of monsters. Found by hospital staff in the morning.
    Injured witness saw black wolf-like monsters.
    Other evidence:
    None found near scene of attack. Statement was vague and possibly inaccurate.
  3. Mainz Mining Village
    Date and time: Two days ago, 10 PM
    Location: In front of the inn
    One miner heading home was injured by a pack of monsters. A colleague rushed to his aid.
    Eyewitnesses: Townspeople saw escaping wolves.
    Other evidence:
    Prints discovered near scene that resemble those found in Armorica Village.
    • The mining equipment in this town was damaged for a third time. Patrols may be necessary.


  • 書類概要

  発生日時 :3週間前の深夜
  場所   :集落全域
  目撃情報 :なし(村人たちは全員、就寝中)
  痕跡   :村の各所にイヌ科の足跡を発見。周辺地域を捜索するも、同様の痕跡は見当たらず。

  発生日時 :1週間前の深夜
  場所   :病院敷地内
  目撃情報 :被害者が黒い狼らしきものを目撃した。
  痕跡   :現場付近から痕跡は見当たらず。証言には曖昧な点があるため被害者の勘違いの可能性あり。

  発生日時 :2日前の夜10時頃
  場所   :宿酒場前
  目撃情報 :町の人間が逃げていく狼を目撃。
  痕跡   :現場付近に多数の足跡を発見。アルモリカ村で発見した物と酷似。