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The Monster Guide (魔獣手帳(まじゅうてちょう)), introduced in the Trails in the Sky trilogy games when they were ported to PSP and present in all games since, is an item that records and lists all of the statistics and details of enemies encountered.

In the Trails in the Sky trilogy games, an entry is partially filled out by encountering them, but fully filled out if you encounter them with an Information quartz (or equivalent) equipped.

In Trails from Zero, Trails to Azure, and Akatsuki no Kiseki, a dedicated Combat Notebook (戦闘手帳(せんとうてちょう)) replaces the Monster Guide to store monster information and the front page of the Bracer Notebook or Gralsritter Notebook to store combat statistics. These games also introduce the "Analyze" craft and orbal art system, where the player can actively choose to analyze an enemy to fill out a Combat Notebook entry. Defeating enemies still fills out entries piece-by-piece, eventually leading to a complete entry. However, the Information quartz is changed to a temporary "red" analysis effect that happens in battle only for that character's turn.

In Trails of Cold Steel I, II, III, and IV, the Combat Notebook functionality is moved to a tab of the Student Notebook, but the mechanics stay the same.

Here is an overview of all things that can be used to analyze monsters.

Liberl arc
Encountering an enemy Fills out random pieces of each enemy's entry.
Mirage (Sora Quartz).png Information
Space (Sora Quartz).png Heaven's Eye
Wind (Sora Quartz).png Divine Eye
Mirage (Sora Quartz).png Covert
Fills out all entries for all enemies in battle with the character with the quartz equipped.
Crossbell and Erebonia arcs
Defeating an enemy Fills out random pieces of the defeated enemy's entry.
Potion (Crossbell Item).png Battle Scope
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Analyze (Tio, Dudley)
Craft (Sen Skill).png Detection (Emma, Elliot)
Mirage (Crossbell Element).png Analysis (Mirage (Crossbell Sepith).png×1)
Fills out the entry for the target enemy.
Mirage (Crossbell Quartz).png Information
Character can view filled-out information on their turn, but entry is not affected.