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The second monument in the Jade Corridor.

Monuments (石碑) are scattered around Phantasma in Trails in the Sky the 3rd. By activating them with the Recluse Cube, the party can fully restore their HP and EP for free, buy items with mira, and synthesize quartz with sepith. The Recluse Cube can also teleport the party to any activated monument.

In the center of the Hermit's Garden is the large base monument (拠点・石碑), which allows the party to unseal Sealing Stones to free other characters. Otherwise it has the same functions as the smaller monuments. Items and quartz encountered in the smaller monuments are added to the base monument and can be purchased or synthesized there at any future time.

In Castle Phantasmagoria, there are shadow monuments (影の石碑) (one in each gate) which offer the same functions as the other monuments (restoration, shop, and quartz synthesis), except they glow red and they cannot be warped to.

List of monuments

Plane Location Items Quartz
Garden Hermit's Garden Base Monument 10+ 13+
First Jade Corridor 13 14
Jade Corridor - End 12 14
Second Grancel - South Block 16 27
Grand Arena 18 27
Grancel Castle - Hall 21 39
Sealed Area - Bottom Level 21 39
Third Split Area 24 34
Golden Road 24 38
Silver Road 24 38
Regroup Area 24 38
Fourth Le Locle Lodge 22 32
Balstar Channel 22 32
Saint-Croix Forest 23 37
Grimsel Fortress 24 37
Fifth Luminous Labyrinth - Entrance 27 32
Luminous Labyrinth - Midpoint 27 32
Umbral Labyrinth - Midpoint 27 37
Umbral Labyrinth - End 28 37
Sixth Erbe Scenic Route 29 37
The Monochrome Schoolhouse
The Looking Glass - 1F
The Looking Glass - 2F
The Looking Glass - 3F
The Looking Glass - 4F
The Impregnable Fortess
The Impregnable Fortess - Command Center 2F
The Impregnable Fortess - Command Center 3F
The Black Ark - Deck
The Black Ark - Hangar
The Black Ark - Sanctuary
Seventh The Abyss 29 37
Beyond Castle Phantasmagoria - Right Gate (shadow monument) 33[note 1] 40
Castle Phantasmagoria - Left Gate (shadow monument)
Castle Phantasmagoria - Main Gate (shadow monument)
Castle Phantasmagoria - Giant Gate (shadow monument)
  1. Only 17 of these items are available in the Japanese PC release. The Japanese PSP/PS3 and English PC releases add 16 accessories to the shadow monuments.