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Moon Temple ((つき)僧院(そういん)) is a temple in Crossbell. Like the Ancient Battlefield and Stargazer's Tower, the Moon Temple was also built by during the Middle Ages (c. S.700). On top of the tower is an enormous bell.

The Moon Temple was used by the followers of the D∴G Cult to sacrifice the living to strengthen their bond with the demonic.


Prayer Hall of the Moon Temple.

Throughout the Moon Temple the higher elementals are active. Numerous creatures mention in Testaments of the Septian Church appear in the Temple.

On top of the tower is an enormous bell, identical to the one found on Crossbell City's Central Square and other ruins throughout Crossbell.

The temple consists of the following areas:

  • Rest Area (寝所区画(しんじょくかく))
  • Temple Garden (庭園(ていえん))
  • Prayer Hall (礼拝(れいはい)())
  • Catacombs (地下墓所(ちかはかしょ))
  • Rooftop (屋上(おくじょう))