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Morgan (モルガン), also known as the God of War (武神(ぶしん)) is the former, long-serving Chief of Staff of the Royal Army of Liberl.


Hundred Days War

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Morgan is best known and praised for stopping the invasion of the Imperial Army of Erebonia in S.1192. As a General, he was responsible for executing the counter-attack devised by his subordinate, Colonel Cassius Bright. In an attempt to repel Liberl's counter-attack, Erebonia bombarded the City of Rolent.

Colonel Bright's wife, Lena, was caught in the rubble in to protect their daughter. This caused Colonel Bright to retire from the army and join the Bracer Guild. Morgan never managed to accept his leave and continued his line of duty with a grudge toward the Bracer Guild for over ten years.

After the end of the war, Morgan and his wife Katrina took in one of the children, Dalia, that was orphaned during the war. They live in the North Block of the City of Grancel, next to the Grancel Cathedral.


Morgan's change of heart started during the Intelligence Division's attempt at a coup d'etat in S.1202. Reluctant to give in to their demands, Morgan was imprisoned at the Haken Gate and his granddaughter, Rianne, taken hostage.

He is saved from imprisonment by his former subordinate Cassius, now a bracer. He also learns that his granddaughter was rescued by Estelle Bright, Joshua Bright and Zin Vathek, also bracers. Morgan later thanks them.


Morgan is then tasked on behalf of the Royal Assembly with the reorganisation of the Royal Army, assisted by Brigadier General Bright, who decided to join the army once again. Soon thereafter, Morgan announces that he is retiring as the Chief of Staff in favour of newly-promoted General Bright.


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