Munk (ムンク) is the director for Radio Trista and an alumnus of Thors Military Academy's Class V.


Munk is defined by his love for everything radio. He was a fervent listener and contributor to Abend Time, which ended right before the Erebonian Civil War with the retirement of its presenter, Misty.

After graduating, Munk starts working as the director of Radio Trista in Leeves. Contrasting with Munk's enthusiasm, passion and devotion for radio, the receptionist Lynley could not care any less about radio. This difference in personalities causes a lot of tension between the two.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Munk Note (Sen) Year 1 Class V (Unaffiliated)
A boy who doesn't stand out very much. Always looking for material for something.
Radio Addict
He sends in lots of material to the radio show Abend Time, and has a lot of signed stickers for doing so.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Munk Note (Sen) Year 1 Class V (Unaffiliated)
A boy who seems to love the radio more than life itself. Once an ardent Abend Time fan, he greatly laments its loss.
Golden Sticker
He was feeling downhearted after losing a golden Abend Time sticker, but thanks to Class VII's help, he recovered it.
He's excited for a new radio program rumored to be beginning on Radio Trista, soon to take the place of Abend Time.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Munk Note (Sen III)

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