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Musse Egret (ミュゼ・イーグレット) is a student at the Thors Branch Campus.


Musse was born in western Erebonia as the daughter of Alfred de Cayenne and his wife, the daughter of Count Theodore and Suzanne Egret. She lost her parents in a maritime accident when she was 6 years old, after which she moved in with the maternal grandparents.

With her father dead, Alfred's brother Croire inherited the title of Duke Cayenne and transferred Musse to Heimdallr, where she would be entrapped in St. Astraia Girls' School's elementary courses for the next 10 years of her life.[3] She dropped out soon after the Erebonian Civil War. During this transition, Mildine changed her name to Musse, the pet name used when she was still a child, and changed to more casual attire. [3]

Strategic genius

Immediately after the civil war, Musse contacts Aurelia Le Guin who had been an acquaintance of Count Egret since childhood and demonstrated her ability by informing the general of both the Northern War and the imperial government's proposal.[3] This demonstration convinced Aurelia that Musse should inherit the title of Duchess Cayenne instead of the greed-driven Wilhelm Ballad.[3] By this point, Musse had also already reached out to Vita Clotilde.

Gifted to see the current political situation within Erebonia like the pieces of a chessboard, it was what led to this position and able to calculate the innumerable developments that could spawn from the present situation, she was able to predict the possibility of the National Mobilization Law, the war with Calvard and the spread of Erebonia's curse by the end of S.1205.[Note 1]

Musse's strategy against Osborne's schemes were twofold. The first was to ensure the position of principal at Thors Branch Campus would be filled by Aurelia. The second was to claim the seat as Duchess Cayenne and secretly gather volunteers for the Weissland Army, which would start its operations after the start of the Great Twilight. She decided to call the plan Mille Mirage. [3]

Thors II

She signed up for the Class IX of Thors Branch Campus under Instructor Towa Herschel half a year later, supposedly inspired by the Imperial Army. In reality, she had an interest in Rean Schwarzer, the instructor of Class VII, hoping that his status as Osborne's son and the "Sacrifice" would be benefit her strategical thinking. She eventually transferred to Class VII 18 August S.1204 in an attempt to get closer to him.[3]

While she has the grace of a noble and receives good grades in class, there is something unfathomable about her, as she is set on seducing Rean, for which her classmate Ash Carbide compares her to a jorougumo.[4] In battle, Musse wields an Orbal carbine, specializing in long range attacks and rear support.


During the provincial council in Ordis in Trails of Cold Steel III, Chapter 3: "Pulse of Steel", it is revealed that her name is actually Mildine Juzalith de Cayenne. She is tentatively elected as successor of Duke Croire de Cayenne, the younger brother of her deceased father. Representatives of the Four Great Houses, such as Jusis Albarea, Angelica Rogner and Patrick T. Hyarms, as well as the imperial family, were aware of Musse's real identity. She kept it a secret from Class VII and the other students at Thors Branch Campus.

As preliminary Duchess Cayenne, Mildine reveals the plans she has been preparing with the other Four Great Houses. The imperial government is preparing for a war with the Calvard Republic, and they have set a number of actions in motion as a counter-measure. One of these includes reviving the former Noble Alliance's military prowess as the so-called Weissland Army, led by General Aurelia and Lieutenant General Wallace Bardias. She also realized a collaboration with Vita.

Musse eventually left her classmates once the Great Twilight started to begin her plan, using one of Grianos' feathers to leave the Gral of Erebos. In anticipation of her plan, Musse sent her grandparents away to a remote villa for their safety.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

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Musse was eventually picked up by the Pantagruel and met with Aurelia and Vita, expressing regret for her failure to stop the Great Twilight and ridden with guilt for enacting a plan that would sacrifice millions. She eventually comes to terms with this and decides to meet with her classmates one final time. Having Aurelia accompany her, she decides to head to Osgiliath Basin where she eventually meets up with them, and indifferently tells them her intentions. Her classmates don't fully believe she would be capable of such an act, just as the tense reunion is interrupted by Cedric and his cronies. After they are driven off, Musse eventually decides to return to Class VII, entrusting Aurelia with the Weissland Army for the time being.

She later reveals her plan, Mille Mirage, to Osborne following Rean's rescue from the Black Workshop.

Musse accompanied Class VII for a visit to her hometown when they decided to settle on Ordis to start their search for Thors affiliates and certain VIPs. They arrived on foot, causing the guards to become suspicious. Musse convinced the guards to let them in by pretending to be Rean's fiancée.

Upon learning from Celestin that Theodore had gone missing alongside Fernand Hyarms, Musse contacted the family maid, Setsuna, to assist Class VII in rescuing her grandfather. She stopped the one of the Special Guard from firing on Marquis Hyarms and later saw her grandfather off at Raquel.

Musse later suggested a "meeting spot" which she and Aurelia had organized after Elise and Tio were rescued, gathering representatives from Calvard, Liberl and Remiferia to discuss the inevitable war. In a private meeting, Musse eventually decided to entrust her plan to Cassius Bright. The meeting was interrupted by Ouroboros forces that greatly outnumbered the party; seeing no other choice, she opted to ram the Pantagruel into the Glorious, intending to go down with the ship; however, the Courageous II arrived before she could do so. She was later scolded by Rean for attempting such a dangerous method to resolve the situation.

She later attended the wedding of Olivert and Scherazard Harvey.

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Musse appears to be quite playful and teasing in her debut, getting close to Rean Schwarzer; although her act was simply a ploy to get close to him, she does admit that she prefers his type.

In reality, she is a tactical genius, likening everything, including herself, as "pieces on a chessboard", analyzing every single potential scenario and utilizing them to their maximum extent. Due to this, she was able to see Giliath Osborne as a threat, drafting the Mille Mirage in an attempt to stop him. She doesn't like to rely on others too much, nor does she believe in the impossible, considering the latter dangerous to her strategic thinking.

She appreciates tea and enjoys nodate (tea ceremony), having joined the tea club in the branch academy and has a kimono passed down as a keepsake.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel III

Musse Egret
Musse Egret Note (Sen III).png
Class VII: Special Operations (Tea Cere. Club)
A playful girl who doesn't hide her interest in Rean. Despite her tendency to say some risqué things, she holds herself like a noble.
Shameless Tease
Musse starts changing clothes in front of Rean. Despite the way she made it look. She was just showing off her club kimono.
St. Astraia
Revealed as a transfer student from St. Astraia. Musse is apparently not her real name. Her past is still shrouded in mystery.
Family Ties
Lost her parents early, so she was raised by her grandparents. She seems to take after her grandfather quite a bit.
Behind the Mask
When called out for calculating her every move, she showed a different side of her. It seems she still has many secrets.

Musse Egret Note (Sen III).png

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Musse Egret Note (Sen IV).png



Trails of Cold Steel III

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png Violetta
Initial gear
[STR+335/ATS+35/RNG+6 /Critical rate+5%]
A very beautifully decorated arts rifle. Magic Elemental.
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png Magnolia
5760 Stores: 6/17~
[STR+390/ATS+45/RNG+6/Critical rate+5%]
A beautiful, white arts rifle unmatched in accuracy. Magic Elemental.
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png Alabastre

U-Material x2

[STR+435/ATS+55/RNG+6/Critical rate+10%]
An irresistibly streamlined arts rifle. Magic Elemental
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png Primavera
7680 Stores: 7/15~
[STR+490/ATS+65/RNG+6/Critical rate+5%]
An arts rifle that shows the beauty of the mind in its barrel. Magic Elemental.
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png Histolre

U-Material x2

[STR+535/ATS+75/RNG+6/Critical rate+10%]
An arts rifle improved many times over. Easy to use and powerful. Magic Elemental.
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png Luciole

U-Material x3

[STR+580/ATS+85/RNG+6/Critical rate+10%]
A glowing arts rifle that shoots tracking bullets. Magic Elemental.
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png Mercure
Black Zemurian Ore x1 Forge
[STR+650/ATS+100/RNG+6/Critical rate+15%]
An arts rifle made of Black Zemurian Ore. Fires bullets like shooting stars. Magic Elemental.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png
Initial gear
[STR+730 ATS+70 RNG+6 必殺4%]
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png
3760 Purchase (8/15)
[STR+785 ATS+75 RNG+6 必殺2%]
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png
カサブランカ x1
U-Material x4
[STR+830 ATS+80 RNG+6 必殺4%]
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png
4700 Purchase (8/17)
[STR+885 ATS+85 RNG+6 必殺2%]
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png
マジェスター x1
U-Material x5
[STR+930 ATS+90 RNG+6 必殺4%]
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png
5640 Purchase (8/20)
[STR+985 ATS+95 RNG+6 必殺2%]
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png
ノートルダム x1
U-Material x6
[STR+1030 ATS+100 RNG+6 必殺4%]
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png
6580 Purchase (8/24)
[STR+1085 ATS+105 RNG+6 必殺2%]
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png
グリザイユ x1
U-Material x7
[STR+1130 ATS+110 RNG+6 必殺4%]
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png
7520 Purchase (8/27)
[STR+1185 ATS+115 RNG+6 必殺2%]
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png
白銃・雪花 x1
U-Material x8
[STR+1230 ATS+120 RNG+6 必殺4%]
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png
8460 Purchase (8/29)
[STR+1285 ATS+125 RNG+6 必殺2%]
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png
グラッド・アイ x1
U-Material x9
[STR+1330 ATS+130 RNG+6 必殺4%]
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png
9400 Purchase (9/1)
[STR+1385 ATS+135 RNG+6 必殺2%]
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png
アナスタシア x1
U-Material x10
[STR+1430 ATS+140 RNG+6 必殺4%]
Orbal Carbine (Sen III Weapon).png
Black Zemurian Ore x1 Upgrade
[STR+1485 ATS+145 RNG+6 必殺6%]


Trails of Cold Steel III

Name Power Break Unbalance Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Oiseau Bleu
B D Yes 30 CP Initial
Magical -  Line S (Set) - Freeze (20%) - Petrify (20%)
Fires a blue energy bullet in the shape of a bird.
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Saphir Rain
40 CP Initial
Recovery - Area M (Set) - Restores 20% HP - Cures all (except K.O.)
Shatters a healing gem to restore health.
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Cutie Bullet
S B+ 30% 30 CP Level 35
Physical - One - Charm (90%)
Shoots through the heart with a charm-filled bullet.
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Moulin Rouge
S D 10% 80 CP Level 44
Magical - Area L+ - Burn (50%)
Fires a series of magical blades in an unpredictable arc.
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png Brilliant Shot
SS+ D No 100+ CP 6/17
Magical - Area LL+ (Set) - Random abnormality (100%)
Traps foes in a prism of ice and fires a laser.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Cost Delay Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
30 20 Initial
魔法攻撃(威力C+ ブレイクD 崩し有効):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
30 20 Level 92
魔法攻撃(威力B ブレイクD 崩し有効):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
40 25 Initial
「全状態異常・能力低下・戦闘不能」解除 HP20%回復
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
40 20 Initial
攻撃(威力B+ ブレイクA 崩し+25%):単体:魅了90%
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
40 20 Level 104
攻撃(威力A ブレイクA+ 崩し+30%):単体:魅了90%
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
80 30 Initial
魔法攻撃(威力A+ ブレイクD 崩し+10%):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
80 30 Level 116
魔法攻撃(威力S ブレイクD 崩し+15%):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
60 25 Level 80
魔法攻撃(威力B+ ブレイクD 崩し有効):
円LL:吸引 封魔100%
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
EP500 25 8/15


攻撃(威力SS+ ブレイクA 崩し無効)
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
EP500 25 Level 121
攻撃(威力SSS+ ブレイクS 崩し無効):
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png
100+ 40 Initial
魔法攻撃(威力SS+ ブレイクD 崩し無効):
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png
100+ 40 Level 128
魔法攻撃(威力4S ブレイクD 崩し無効):直線M+(地点指定)

Brave Order

Trails of Cold Steel III

Name BP Effect
Arts Celebration
2 Arts' EP cost -80% (12 turns)
Restores 20% EP
ATS raised (M) (2 turns)

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name BP Effect Acquire
Arts Celebration
2 Arts' EP cost -80% (10 turns)
Restores 20% EP
ATS raised (S) (4 turns)
Arts Celebration EX
2 Arts' EP cost -80% (12 turns)
Restores 20% EP
ATS raised (M) (4 turns)
Trial chest[note 1]
Akashic Arts
2 Arts' EP cost -80% (12 turns)
Restores 20% EP
ATS raised (L) (4 turns)
Trial chest[note 2]
  1. Found in Saint-Gral Labyrinth, 3rd phase (サングラール迷宮・第三相). Requires Musse and Ash. Monster level is 75.
  2. Found on West Languedoc Canyon Road (西ラングドック峡谷道). Requires Musse, Juna, Laura and Sara. Monster level is 106.


Trails of Cold Steel III

Trails of Cold Steel IV


Trails of Cold Steel III

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Hajimari no Kiseki




  1. Aurelia Le Guin speaks on 10 August S.1206 of "the end of last year".[3]


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