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Nate (ネイト) is an investigator in Calvard, introduced in Trails through Daybreak.



Nate is a young man with medium-length spiky brown hair and bright blue eyes. he wears a white collar shirt and dark grey trousers with crimson suspenders and a blue chequered neck tie.


Nate is arrogant and hot-headed, easily outwitted, and quick to lose control. He unashamedly flirts with most women and girls and because of this weakness, he is easily manipulated by them. Others describe him as a 'good for nothing' and one likely to cause a scandal for his department. He doesn't realise that his causal attitude to women is quite offputting, talking about his ex-girlfriends as if they were items to be replaced at will.


Nate is an investigator working for the Calvard National Police. His partner is usually Detective Daswani.

Trails through Daybreak[]

Nate is present when Van Arkride is being questioned over Giacomo Conte's death. He easily falls prey to Van's provocations and Van sets Marielle Aymé upon him on purpose. Agnès Claudel later manipulates him into helping the Arkride Solutions Office gather clues about the crime scene. Nate continues to have antagonistic encounters with Van, meeting him in suspicious circumstances.

Nate travels to Tharbad to see the film festival with his girlfriend, off duty. Van seeks him out for information on a case, interrupting his date in the casino. After Gaspard Dillon is murdered, Daswani pulls Nate off his vacation time and returns him to duty, despite Nate's protests. Nate had at some point imbibed some of the orbal shishas and fell to the influence of the drug which caused him to riot and add to the chaos of the festival, before it's effect was ended.

Nate makes it his business to track down Almata so he can go back to having a vacation with his girlfriend. He is present at a meeting between Van's party and Kilika Rouran, unsure whether he should be hearing all the confidential information.

He obtains the afternoon of Revolution Day off and spends it trying to hook up with women. His girlfriend, whom he had not contacted in a month, considers breaking up with him but he pleads for her not too. He is in the middle of a date at the theatre when Pandemonium takes hold. He tries to assist Van but ends up being the one in the way. From this point, he helps evacuate civilians.