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Nayuta Herschel (ナユタ・ハーシェル) is a boarding student at Saint-Elysees. Nayuta is the eponymous hero in Nayuta no Kiseki.


Nayuta was born in Remnant Island in 1564 (N.S.) to William and Mary Herschel. William was an astronomer and Mary an observer of star shards. Growing up in this environment, Nayuta soon developed an interest in the unknown and travelling to unravel the mysteries of the world. His hobby is stargazing and always carries a sextant with him.

In 1574, five years before the start of the game, his parents set out by ship to prove the existence of Lost Heaven, a hypothetical place proposed by Nayuta's father. They never returned, however, and Nayuta was instead raised by his sister, Asa.

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