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The Nebel Valley (霧降(きりふり)峡谷(きょうこく)) is a series of mountains and valleys North-East of the Bose region. It is known as an area where the fog is present throughout the year.


The area consists of many pathways and a very foggy geographical setting with many inclines and bridges. There are two separate pathways to choose from upon entry to the Valley. Going on the western pathway leads to various monsters. Going on the eastern path leads to Willmer's Mountain Hut and eventually, a dead-end which actually is the entrance to the Capua Hideout.

The ruins found in one of the valley's mountains, used in S.1202 as the hideout of the Capua family, date back to the Dark Ages. It was used as a hideout during the turmoil that followed the Great Collapse. Willmer's mountain hut is located in the valley in an isolated location, and supports travellers by selling food and supplies.

Trails in the Sky FC

Estelle and Joshua Bright travel into the valley as part of a monster extermination quest to get rid of a Master Cryon, a type of monster native to the area. Later, they determine the location of the Sky Bandit's Stronghold and surmise that to be where the missing Airline, Linde is being held and infiltrate, taking down the bandits and freeing Don Capua from his entranced state.

Trails in the Sky SC

Joshua and the Sky bandits Take the Bobcat and flee from the Royal Army of Liberl and Mueller Vander before they are overwhelmed. Dorothy Hyatt manages to take a picture of them before they do however.

Georg Weissmann and Leonhardt visit the ancient resting place of Ragnard within the Valley and use a Gospel to enslave the holy beast. The activity of this great creature disturbs the resting place of several other ancient creatures which flees from their subterranean lairs and roam the Bose region, causing commotion until the bracers can put an end to them. Estelle and the party put an end to Ragnard's control when they discover his hideaway and confront him.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Rais, Rocco and Deen use the Nebel valley as a training ground as part of their bracer training with Agate Crosner. The three work together to overcome a host of monsters in the area.



  • The word Nebel is German and translates to "mist".