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Nidhoggr (ニーズヘッグ), also referred to as the Invincible Snake (不死身(ふじみ)(へび)), is a jaeger corps active in western Zemuria. They are stated to be a solid corp that never has trouble obtaining employment.

The leader of Niddhoggr is referred to as 'Sir' ((サー)).[2]


Nidhoggr's squads are named after human body parts in German, such as the Nase ('Nose') platoon operating in Nord Highlands during the Erebonian Civil War on behalf of the Noble Alliance[1] or the Magen ('Stomach') battalion involved in the attempted assassination of Prince Albert von Bartholomeus during the Trilateral Summit in Crossbell on behalf of Count Jerome von Bartholomeus.[2]

Former Nidhoggr squad leader Nacht Weiss says that Nidhoggr owes its invincibility and naming structure to the dissatisfaction in the world: every time one of Nidhoggr's squads get disconnected from the main body, such as an 'Arm' or a 'Leg', it is being regenerated by people upset with the society, criminals and other jaegers in the world.[2]

In the past, Nidhoggr also had a rivalry with the Northern Jaegers. During one of their battles against them, Colonel Valestein was killed protecting Sara Valestein from Nidhoggr jaegers.

Known squads

  • Magen batallion
  • Linken Arm regiment
  • Nase platoon
  • Kleiner Finger platoon

Known members

  • Airi Adler
  • Nacht Weiss (former)
  • Aika (アイカ), Hugo (フーゴ), Klein (クレイン), Jan (ヤン) and Gastea (ガステア) appeared in one of Nacht's flashbacks. They are former members of Nacht's squad who got killed in action.[2]


  • Nidhoggr might owe its name to the horrific monster in Norse mythology, Níðhöggr, which was said to chew on the corpses in the afterlife.