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Nina Fenly (ニナ・フェンリィ) is an actress introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Nina is a young woman with dark blue hair and brown eyes. She wears a mint-green blouse without the top button fastened, revealing a white under-shirt tucked into her skirt below. Nina wears a white skirt with a black segment and a lace trim. She wears red high-heeled shoes with straps that attach to her legs. Nina wears several accessories with a four-petalled flower pattern on them, including on her neck choker, bracelet and shoes.


Nina usually displays a quiet and humble personality. She harbours some self-doubts about her self, feeling that she a a complex about having a 'real self' and that she doesn't have much outside of the roles she plays. Nina is a phenomenal actress, with many who have seen her perform likening her to being the actual characters. Nina is utterly devoted to perfecting the roles she has been given. She is also described as having a mysterious aura around her. When surrounded by monsters, she is called resolute despite not being a fighter, and full of vitality.


Nina is half-Easterner[1] and an up-and-coming young actress and popstar. She is a gifted actor and many are keeping an eye on her career. She respects Judith as a senior actor, friend, and rival.[2] Nina became an actress to disguise her own lack of self.

Both Nina and Judith work for the same agency, the Lexcel Talent Agency, but are being cast in productions by different companies- in Nina's case, this is United Star. Her debut film was called 'Riding the Sea Breeze' and other films she has starred in include Gloria: May of Fate as well as her most recent theatrical release: Requiem for the Wolves.

Kuro no Kiseki

Nina and Judith are regarded as the top actresses in Calvard at the time, with both due to attend the Tharbad Film festival following the cancellation of the Messeldam Film festival due to threats of terrorism. Van has brief encounter with her in disguise as student at a film screening.

Nina is first met by Van Arkride and the party when United Star bring her to Dirke Memorial Park to film Scene 17 Part 2 of their new film. Nina is unsure about whether they have permission to be there, but the director assuages her worries and is keen to not miss the opportunity. They are attacked by monsters which is where Van and the part come to assist them, accompanied by Fie Claussell of the Bracer Guild.

Nina later asks Dingo Brad to introduce her to the Arkride Solutions Office formally with a request. All of the invitees had received a threatening letter: "Do not participate in the Tharbad Film Festival or disaster will strike." Still wanting to participate, despite warnings from her agency, Nina wanted to hire Van and his team as risk management, as to avoid getting the police and general public involved. She persuades Van to take the case by luring him with sweets, under the advice of Dingo.

Nina greets Van when he arrives in Tharbad, and Shahina is shocked to hear that they know each other. Judith soon arrives and is also surprised at the mutual acquaintance. She goes along with Nina's request. They are called away by Gaspar Dillon to meet with Sherid Asverl. When they feedback to her at the end of the day, having fought an underground monster and found another threatening letter, she is thankful for the extra information, but embarrassed when Sherid arrives due to wearing swimwear in the presence of the prince. They are forced to depart when a crowd gathers. Nina spends the next day rehearsing, but relates to the party that Sarah goes missing. She discusses the possibility and ramifications of VegasFilm being behind the drug distribution and recent events, making the first suspect Gaspar. Nina runs the terminal when they infiltrate the secret level of VegasFilm's headquarters. After events conclude, Nina is amongst those invited to the baths Sherid organizes.

On the day of the Film festival, Nina wins in the category of best actress, surpassing Judith for the first time. When the Foxy Parade is disturbed, Nina is taken captive by Almata in the Aljumeriah hotel. She is surprised when Grimcats arrives to save them alongside the party, and helps treat Grimcats who flees before she is finished. After the events in Tharbad, more magazines start publishing interviews with her and Requiem for the Wolves is replayed in orbal cinemas.

Van discovers Nina working incognito as a street performer in Edith, and the two chat. Van recognise sher as the Aramis High School student from an earlier film screening. She states that she gets to pretend she is a different version of herself and explains her past and how and why she got into acting. She asks Van to keep it confidential.

Nina contacts the party after the events in Basel and Judith's scandal, stating that Judith has gone missing and isn't responding. She isn't too worried but asks the party to search for her for peace of mind. When the party find Judith in Longlai, they relay the information back to Nina. Nina is briefly encountered after the Creil incident, helping Salvatore Gotch‏‎ collect donations. She remarks that Judith goes too far with everything and that's why Judith is the 'real deal' and she is not. At a film screening, Renne comments that she still can't see who the 'real' Nina Fenly is.

Nina asks Judith when she is considering returning home during their time in Edith and the upcoming Revolution Day. Van discovers her in the park while patrolling, and she asks him to help her perfect a particular role for a film. The issue of her not having a 'core' comes up and Van encourages her to try going off the script which results in a spectacular performance that the director sees. Nina feels she has met a version of herself that she didn't know existed and thanks Van. She is one of the attendees at the party at Bistro Montmart.

On revolution day itself, Nina travels around with Sarah, Marielle Aymé and expresses her shock about what had happened to Dingo. She is caught up in the Pandemonium but remains safe due to the devils not attacking buildings. She urges the party to find Judith who ran off. Before the final effort to breach Genesis Tower Nina can be found in the parking lot communicating with an unknown person by unknown means. She states things are progressing according to plan, and that once 'it' appears she will make the determination. When questioned, she states it is a line from a movie and the matter is left.


Kuro no Kiseki

Kuro no Kiseki II: Crimson Sin



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