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Noah Eklund (ノア・エクランド), also known as Forest Sage (森の賢者), is an inhabitant of Denai, Remiferia.



Noah is a young man with bright rose hair of medium length and amber eyes. A single braid is woven into his hair. He wears a black and green tunic with several belts and matching trousers. Noah wears thick leather fingerless gloves and a thick fleece-lined shawl of short length. Notably, Noah's ears are pointed.

Akatsuki no Kiseki

Noah holds exceptional knowledge of medicinal herbs and methods to defeat monsters. In Akatsuki no Kiseki, Chapter 6: "Duty to Fulfill", he creates a potion for Chloe Barnett to cure a poison incurable through regular antidotes.


  • Noah is the first character in the series with pointy ears, making Chloe believe he is actually a fairy.