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The Noble Alliance (貴族連合) was a faction of Erebonia led by Duke Cayenne which sought to uphold the status quo in Erebonian politics and Society. The Noble Alliance was dissolved following the betrayal of Chief of Staff Rufus Albarea and the arrest of Duke Cayenne.


The Noble Faction (貴族派) was one of the two major conflicting sides in the Imperial Government, challenged only by the increasing power of the Reformist Faction, led by chancellor Giliath Osborne. The powerful tax reforms and expanding influence of the Reformist faction, and consequent reduction of power of the Nobility of Erebonia spurred the Four Great Houses to take action. Croire de Cayenne, the then head of the Cayenne family, the most powerful of the Four great Houses took the leading position in what was to become the Noble Alliance (貴族連合). Croire conspired to use the war to take control of the country, utilising the power of the cursed Vermillion Apocolypse of which his ancestor unleashed during the War of the Lions. Their primary motives are to remove Chancellor Giliath Osbourne out of power and realign the Erebonian Empire with its traditional roots as a land ruled solely by the nobility.

Trails of Cold Steel

Unbeknownst the the public at large, The Noble Alliance were making several moves behind the scenes in preparation for their attempted coup. Croire enlisted high ranking generals such as Wallace Bardias and Aurelia Le Guin from the provincial armies, sponsored the activities of the Imperial Liberation Front, a terrorist group aiming to assassinate Osborne, collaborated with Ouroboros to obtain Archaisms and enforcer backup and hired some of the strongest Jaeger corps on the continent including Zephyr. The provincial armies acted increasingly brazen, confronting agencies like the Railway Military Police and even once imprisoning Machias Regnitz, the son of one of the key members of the Reformist faction, Carl Regnitz. Large scale requisitions took place behind the scenes, including large amounts of iron from the Sachsen Iron Mine. In collaboration with the Black Workshop, a secret fifth developmental division of Reinford was created to manufacture Panzer Soldats. The construction of a large Battleship Pantagruel was also commissioned to act as the Noble's mobile headquarters.

During the climatic events of Giliath Osborne's 'assassination' at the hands of Crow Armbrust, the major obstacle to the Noble Alliance's plans was deemed to have removed. The Nobles acted swiftly, deploying Panzer Soldats from their newly unveiled battleship and taking the Capital Heimdallr, defeating the First division with them easily. Key cities around the empire soon followed, with Trista soon falling into their hands as well. Crow revealed himself as the Awakener of the Azure Knight, taking the position of the Azure Chevalier.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Quick to consolidate power in the Eastern half of the empire, the battlefield grew more intense in the West where reformist forces were more concentrated. Croire and Rufus deploy the remaining members of the ILF, Ouroboros' enforcers, Duvalie of the Stahlritter, Zephyr members Xeno and Leonidas and Altina Orion as forces acting against the 'unseen' forces resisting their rule.

The Imperial Family are taken into 'protective custody' along with Carl Regnitz. Heidel Rogner takes over the lead position in the Reinford Group, detaining Irina Reinford on the Eisengraf in the Sachsen Iron Mine. Class VII are forced to move covertly through the empire, confronting forces of the Alliance in various parts of the Eastern half of the Empire.

Slowly, through the actions of Class VII and reformist forces, territories are slowly liberated. After Gerhart Rogner's daughter, Angelica Rogner makes a stand against him, House Rogner withdraws from the Alliance and takes a neutral position. Irina is likewise liberated and the Reinford company returns to her control. The actions of Helmut Albrea, who was seeking to gain standing in the alliance, result in the razing of Celdic, prompting the Alliance to disown him. With his defeat and capture, Half of the Four Great Houses were now out of the way, allowing the reformist faction to make an assault on the Capital.

Class VII lead an assault on Trista, freeing it after fighting the Order of the Lion, led by Patrick T. Hyarms. They then free Carl and the Imperial Family from the Karel Imperial Villa.

The Noble Alliance makes its final stand in the capital after Vita Clotilde summons the Infernal Castle. Imperial army forces headed by Olaf Craig and Zechs Vander confront Aurelia and Wallace around the city, whilst the Courageous, commanded by Towa Herschel does battle against the Pantagruel in the skies. During this conflict, Class VII infiltrate the Castle and eventually reach the final Stratum to confront Crow, Vita and Croire.

The Alliance meets its end when Croire's plan to unleash the Vermillion Apocolypse goes awry, his allies, including Rufus turn on him and Osborne reveals himself as alive. The Noble Alliance is disbanded.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

As a result of the failed coup by the Noble Alliance, and the continuing house arrest of Croire and seizure of his assets, Osborne and his policies gain increasing power and influence. Their flagship is taken for use by the Imperial Family and Panzer Soldats are integrated into the Imperial army.

High ranking and elite soldiers of the Noble Alliance are later invited to join the Weissland Army, taking the Pantagruel as their flagship once again.

List of Noble Alliance Members

Name Rank Status
Duke Cayenne Leader Arrested
Duke Albarea Sub-Leader Arrested
Marquis Rogner

Marquis Hyarms

Sub-Leader Withdrawn
Rufus Albarea Chief of Staff Defected
Aurelia Le Guin

Wallace Bardias

General Unknown
Altina Orion Associate Defected
Heidel Rogner Member Arrested

Vita Clotilde

Associate Returned to


Crow Armbrust Associate Deceased
Scarlet Associate Arrested
Vulcan Associate Deceased


Associate Withdrawn