Noctfamilia (夜の眷族(ノクトファミリア)), more commonly known as vampires (吸血鬼) or referred to as the king of fiends (魔物たちの王),[1] refer to a group of creatures of folklore and tales that subsists by feeding on the blood of humans. They are described as creatures that go "against the natural laws of the world" and "a violation of the will of the Goddess".[2]


Vampires are classified into three ranks: True Ancestors, Elder Vampires and the ordinary vampires.

True Ancestors

True Ancestors are direct descendants of the vampire race and believed to be extinct.[3] The novel series Red Moon Rose suggests, however, that approximately S.1000[Note 3] there was still one True Descendant in existence, named Roselia, who took it upon herself the task to eradicate her own bloodline as a vampire hunter.[2]

Elder Vampires

Most closely related to them are the Elder Vampires, which are said to be filled with a lust for blood approximately every ten years, causing most of the deaths by vampires.[3] Elder Vampires are considered among the most powerful of all vampires, with exceptional growth potential.[3] They are capable of using the ability Charm, which allowed the user to control the thoughts of their victim to a certain degree.[3] The Elder Vampire is also said to possesses the skill to wake and manipulate the corpses of the dead.[7] Elder Vampires are capable of rejuvenation through drinking the blood of not humans, but fellow vampires.[8] Elder Vampires are capable of making weapons from blood, such as lances[8] and swords.[2]


Vampires are said to possess a wide range of abilities. They, however, are only able to use their powers at night. During the day are no different from ordinary humans.[9] Their strength is determined by how many humans it has sucked the blood from.[10] They are said to turn to ash in daylight.[1] It is also believed that the vampire does not have a reflection.[1]

Their abilities include dissipating into black mist (used to flee encounters),[11] and rapid and instant regeneration of wounds.[11] Wounds dealt by normal weapons heal instantly, wounds inflicted by weapons blessed by the Septian Church will take significantly longer, not unlike the recuperation process of human wounds.[11]

When the limb of a vampire is dissected from the body, red smoke will come from the wound.[10] By replacing the smoke with a jet of liquescent black ichor, vampires are capable to 'call back' the dissected limb and restore the wound.[10] In moments of desperation the vampire may use the rest mist coming from wounds as a smoke screen.[10]

Vampires are capable of summoning ghouls.[11] Ghouls are the remains of humans after a vampire has fed on all their blood. If a ghoul summoned into battle is discarded by the vampire, all visible damage inflicted to the ghoul during battle is reduced to the original bite marks.[12] It is said that the Septian Church would send people to collect the remains of victims and give them a proper burial.[12]



  1. Exact year unknown. In S.1204, Thors Military Academy principal Vandyck says that it was "founded almost 220 years ago" and "[t]hirty years after becoming Emperor, in the later years of [Dreichels'] life". Considering S.1204 marks the year of "Thors' two-hundred and fifteenth entrance ceremony" and assuming the entrance ceremonies have been held every year without interruption during any wars, the first entrance ceremony was held in S.990. Therefore, it can be assumed that Thors Military Academy was founded between S.983 and S.990.
  2. During the bonfire scene in the Finale of Trails of Cold Steel, Claire Rieveldt tells Rean Schwarzer he will be part of Thors Military Academy's "221st [graduating class]". Assuming that one graduating class corresponds with one Septian Calendar year would put the first graduating class enrolling in S.984.
  3. Depending on when the books were written, the story of Red Moon Rose is said to take place "some two hundred years ago", "the War of the Lions had concluded" and "Emperor Dreichels had been deceased for over a decade".[4] The last known act of Emperor Dreichels is the establishment of Thors Military Academy in approximatey S.985,[5][6][Note 1][Note 2] suggesting the story takes place around S.1000.


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