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The Nomadic Settlement (ノルドの遊牧集落) is a settlement of nomads that exists between the North and Southern sections of the Nord Highlands in the centre of its plateaus. It is the home village of Gaius Worzel and his family.


The Nomadic Settlement is a settlement that exists on the border of the North and South sections of the Nord Highlands. While it is mostly stationed there during the calm periods, it is also highly mobile and easily disassembled - so it can quickly be moved by the people of Nord depending on the seasons or circumstances as implied by its name and their own system named "Ger (ゲル)". Having long historical ties to the empire, the nomads living there have established good relations with the Imperial Army units stationed at Zender Gate.

The Nordians are a race of nomads who are known to be expert horse-breeders. They get their main source of income from making woollen clothes and arts and crafts provided by their sheep. They live through hunting and stock breeding while being known for their history of spiritual faith with the winds and the goddess. They primarily hunt and fish to get their food and have been known to worship the wind and Aidios.

Most of their education is provided by travelling priests such as Father Barkhorn.

The Nordian People are known to be expert horse-breeders. As such, they primarily use horses to travel across the highlands. However, they also possess an Orbal Car to carry belongings to and from the Zender Gate.


According to Erebonian history, Erebonian Prince, Dreichels Reise Arnor exiled himself there in his youth until the War of the Lions started. As Dreichels decided to take up a stand, so did the nomads providing him their support until he eventually became the new emperor.

The Nord Highlands are located in the space between the Erebonian Empire and their historical rivals, the Calvard, and is becoming wrapped up in a territorial dispute between the two countries.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Class VII's group A visit the village as part of their field study in the Nord Highlands. They report to Gaius's father Lacan Worzel and compete various tasks for the inhabitants of the village, as well as Gaius's family.

During the October War, the settlement was deemed to be at risk in any possible conflicts and was moved North to Lake Lacrima. Rean Schwarzer visits the village during his travels to locate and reunite Class VII. It is in Nord that he finds Alisa, Gaius and Millium.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

The village is not physically seen, but Gaius mentions that escalating tensions between Calvard and Erebonia resulted in multiple gunships engaging in the Nord highlands.

Trails into Reverie

On the search for the missing Olivert Reise Arnor and Scherazard Harvey, Rean and his companions once again visit the Highlands and the Nomadic Settlement. The settlement is threatened when it appears autonomous Calvardian tanks are operating and Rean and his party race to find the answer. An autonomous Railway Cannon is eventually discovered, and it fires upon the settlement, endangering its inhabitants. Grasping some unknown power, Rean summons his new Panzer Soldat, Tyrfing and destroys the ordinance just in time, crashing to the ground in the process and saving the village.

Later, the party regroups in the elder's tent and discuss the location of the Sonorous Seashell.


  • Worzel Home
  • Lodging Yurt
  • Elder's Home
  • Trading Post
  • Doctor's Home



  • Ger are a real thing in Mongolia.