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Nortia Province (ノルティア州) is a province in Erebonia. It is situated in the northeast, bordering on the Nord Highlands. Its provincial capital is Roer, the Industrial Metropolis.


More recently, following the Lamarre and Kreuzen Provinces, Nortia has implemented a significant tax increase.



Roer 3 (sen1).jpg

Roer, also known as the Industrial Metropolis, is the capital of the province. The city is home to the Reinford Group and is ruled by Marquis Rogner.

Roer - Sachsen Iron Mine 3 (sen1).jpg

Sachsen Iron Mine is a huge mine owned by the Imperial Family. It is situated deep in the Eisengard Range and provides the majority of iron and steel in the country.

Ymir 4 (sen2).png

Ymir, also known as the Hot Springs Paradise, is a health resort at the foot of the Eisengard Range. It is governed by the Schwarzer Barony.

Military installations

Roer - Schwarz Drache Barrier 3 (sen2).png

Schwarz Drache Barrier is a military gate that serves as a checkpoint between Nortia Province and Heimdallr region.


Nortia Province's geography is very much defined by Eisengard Range, taking up at least half of the Rogner Marquisdom. Taking the Nortia Main Line from Heimdallr leads to its centre, Roer, passing by the Calabria Hills[JP 1] in the east. From Roer, the Ymir Branch Line leads to the northwestern Schwarzer Barony and the Eisengard Branch Line goes through the Eisengard Range to Zender Gate in Nord Highlands.






  1. カラブリア丘陵