Monster - Nosferatu (sen1)

Nosferatu (Cold Steel)

Nosferatu (ノスフェラトゥ), also known as the Immortal King (不死>ふし(おう)), is a creature mentioned in ancient legends with authority over souls. It takes the souls of the innocent and devours them. It is similar to the Lucifuge, a Nosferatu changed by the loss of balance in Erebonia.


During Trails of Cold Steel, it manifests in Lohengrin Castle and attacks Class VII. At the end of the fight, it paralyzes the Thors students and readies a new attack. Before its attack could land, the orb it emerged from was pierced by Arianrhod, who threw her lance from a balcony, and disappeared as the students regained their freedom.

During Trails of Cold Steel II, disturbances in the septium veins caused it to re-appear in Legram as Lucifuge, enveloping the town into a thick layer of fog until it was defeated once again.

Nosferatu appears en masse in Trails of Cold Steel III within the catacombs beneath Heimdallr. Some explanation is also given of their origins during these events.

A Nosferatu is created when an Awakener dies while their Deus-Excellion is also fatally damaged.


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