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Odette (オデット) is a character first introduced in Trails into Reverie and later in Kuro no Kiseki.



Odette is a teenage girl with thick brown wavy hair and pale red eyes. She wears her hair into two thick bunches, which are tied with scrunchies, that hang over her shoulders. She wears the standard female uniform for students of Aramis High School, consisting of a white shirt, chequered red neck-tie, sea-green blazer and black Tartan skirt. She also wears black knee-high socks and brown shoes.


Odette has an easygoing mindset and a lot of curiosity. She knows about how Albert feels about Agnes and makes fun of the fact, but also watches out for him. She likes reading gossip magazines and shares her knowledge with Agnes Claudel.


Odette is a first-year student of the prestigious Aramis High School. She is the daughter of a good family in the capital, and has been friends with Agnés since they were younger. [1]

Odette first appeared in Trails into Reverie With the rest of the student council after Renne Bright became the new student council president of Aramis.




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