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Olaf Craig (オーラフ・クレイグ), also known as Craig the Red (紅毛のクレイグ), is a military officer with the Imperial Army of Erebonia, holding the rank of General, and commander of its 4th Armored Division.


Lieutenant General Craig is considered the most formidable general of the Imperial Army. His unit, the 4th Armored Division, boasts the greatest firepower among Erebonia's armed forces.

In S.1197, his wife Liana passed away, leaving behind Olaf and their two children, Fiona and Elliot. Elliot wished to pursue a musical career like his mother, but Olaf found this not to be fitting for an Erebonian man and urged him to join him in the military.


Trails of Cold Steel

Trails of Cold Steel II

Trails of Cold Steel III

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