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Olympia (オランピア), also known as Aurum ((アウルム)), is a character introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Olympia is a young woman with short bright white hair and red eyes. She wears an outfit consisting of several white bandages wrapped around her with thigh high leggings that expose the feet and a very short blakc top. Over this attire, we wears a full white and gold mantle with gold ornaments hanging from the edge and collar. A white bandage is tied around her head, covering her eye. She also wears golden bangles on her wrist and a golden ring on each finger. Olympia uses a doll made of platinum which resembles an angelic figure.


Olympia sees others and herself as mere objects, making it difficult to make out her emotions through her actions.

She is interested in Almata's attempt to rule everything through fear.[1]


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Olympia is from a remote, hidden village in East Zemuria. The villagers, a group of heretic puppeteers,[2] worshiped the doll-shaped artifact Ishtanti (イシュタンティ) as 'a messenger of god'.[3] Only Olympia was able to hear its voice. Children around her would be sacrificed one after another,[3][2] until it was her parents and they died in an attempt to save her.[3] In her desperation, Olympia begged not to feel anymore and the doll complied by taking away her ability to feel.[3] It moved according to her will and the other villagers tried to pull the doll away from her. She killed everyone in the village and wandered about, killing everyone who tried to rob or force her.[3][2]

Eventually she ran into Garden and was invited by Emperor, who was impressed by her alignment with an artifact,[3] and Melchior,[2] where she was made overseer of Aurum Garden.
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Kuro no Kiseki

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