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Olympia (オランピア), also known as Aurum ((アウルム)), is a character introduced in Trails through Daybreak. She is an executive of the Garden who is contracted to work with Almata during the events of the game.



Olympia is a young woman with short bright white hair and red eyes. She wears an outfit consisting of several white bandages wrapped around her with thigh high leggings that expose the feet and a very short blakc top. Over this attire, we wears a full white and gold mantle with gold ornaments hanging from the edge and collar. A white bandage is tied around her head, covering her eye. She also wears golden bangles on her wrist and a golden ring on each finger. Olympia uses a doll made of platinum which resembles an angelic figure.


Olympia sees others and herself as mere objects, making it difficult to make out her emotions through her actions. She perceives no moral or emotive consequence to her own actions, seeing people as objects and herself only as a tool to be used. She expresses that even though she may be attacking against an individual at one point, she harbours no prejudice and would accept a contract with them in the future. Despite her unemotional persona, she can still detect that Melchior irritates others.

She is interested in Almata's attempt to rule everything through fear.[1]


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Olympia is from a remote, hidden village in East Zemuria. The villagers, a group of heretic puppeteers,[2] worshiped the doll-shaped artifact Ishtanti (イシュタンティ) as "a messenger of god".[3] Only Olympia was able to hear its voice. Children around her were sacrificed one after another,[3][2] until her turn finally came. Olympia's parents died in an attempt to save her.[3] In her desperation, Olympia begged not to feel anymore and the doll complied by taking away her ability to feel.[3] It moved according to her will and the other villagers tried to pull the doll away from her. She killed everyone in the village and wandered about, killing everyone who tried to rob or force her.[3][2]

Eventually she ran into Garden and was invited by Emperor, who was impressed by her alignment with an artifact,[3] and Melchior,[2] where she was made overseer of the Aurum Garden. She comments that she felt nothing when Emperor died, but that she remembered his words that she was like a child and would never feel anything as long as the doll was around.
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Trails through Daybreak[]

Olympia is one of the three individuals who massacred Aida and her Eisenschild group. She does not appear in person until Van Arkride and the Arkride Solutions Office travel to Tharbad. The participating members of Almata, whom the remaining overseers of Garden are supporting are undercover in the city, with Olympia taking the role of a pole dancer. Van detects something amiss when watching one of her performances. She makes a brief appearance in the desert, where she confirms her cooperation with Almata and states her investigations are over in the area. She is present on the airship at the end of the chapter.

Olympia formally introduces herself and her services in Basel where she is working with Melchior. She is present at the Basel Institute of Science where Melchior blows up the Aurora, giving her condolences to Risette Twinings whom she acknowledges as a fellow puppet of sorts. She later engages the party in a fight, removing her level one limiters and placing Ishtanti into Dominatus mode. After the battle, Renne faces off against her whilst the party shifts their attention to David Callaghan. She withdraws afterwards.

Olympia acts as the manager of the Lower Stratum in the Carnival, Almata's death game in Oración. She welcomes the participants via hologram and guards the final entrance to the Vashtar Palace, should a group assemble 20 access keys.When the party reaches her, she states that she had not calculated they would be the ones to reach her, and that she cares not for Almata's goals, or the people in Oración. She admits envy of Risette's condition, seeing it as the same as hers. When she loses, Ishtanti is damaged and loses the ability to seal her emotions, and Olympia starts to feel everything kept from her at once, overloading her. She begs Ishtanti for death, and depending on van's actions, possibly dies at the artifact's hands, or being saved if Van can defeat the Artifact. In any resolution, she reminisces about her past.

Eitehr resurrected or retrieved from imprisonment, Melchior has Olympia rejoin Almata's service when he uses the seventh Genesis to start Pandemonium in Edith. Ishtanti is similarly restored, and Olympia doesn't care either way, engaging the party in battle alongside Viola, this time using Ishtanti's Dies Irae mode. Once she is beaten again, she begins to get frustrated, which the party informs her is her own will coming through. She accepts her punishment without complaint.

Trails through Daybreak II[]

Olympia does not appear, but the Gardenmaster has managed to acquire her and Arioch's artifacts, and deploys them as autonomously acting security outside of the passageway into his territory of the Marchen Garten. Lucrezia Isselee helps Van's party defeat them, and afterwards, she convinces them to allow her to take the artifacts back to the Grandmaster (going against the mission of Celis and Rion, whose mission as Gralsritter it is to gather artifacts), in exchange for Lucrezia using her weapon to help them access the Gardenmaster's territory.




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