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Operation Jormungand (ヨルムンガンド作戦), also known as the Earth Dragon (大地の竜), is a Erebonia-led operation, on the surface the objective being to "put the Calvard Republic to death".[2] Operation Jormungand is said to be the largest conquest operation in the history of Zemuria.[2] The operation is Erebonia's response to the attempted assassination on Emperor Eugent III.

In reality its goal is to eliminate the curse of Erebonia.


Conscription for Operation Jormungand begins on 1 August, S.1206, the day after the Central Council of Erebonia passes the National Mobilization Law unanimously.[3] The conscription targets male citizens between the ages of 19 and 45.[3][2]


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  • The name "Jormungand" is derived from the world-swallowing earth dragon from fairy tales.[4]


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