Bring to me the girl skilled in orbal engineering, accompanied by an ever-burning flame. Only then shall the door open...

Orbal Gear Project (オーバルギア開発計画) Parts 1 & 2 are the first Moon Door in Trails in the Sky the 3rd.

Moon Door 1 can be found in the Jade Corridor in the First Plane. Tita Russell is a required party member for the first part and a battle must be fought. Agate Crosner and Tita are both needed for the second part.


Part 1

Tita is in Zeiss when two mysterious mechanics descend from above on orbal hover bikes, scaring Tita. It turns out to be her parents, Erika and Dan Russell. Erika is thrilled to be in the presence of Tita again and almost squashes her with a cuddle, while Dan acts a little more reservedly and advises that they change out of their overalls first. Erika claims it will be straight to business then, and she asks where Agate Crosner might be, with a sinister sparkle in her eye and a tint of maliciousness in her voice. Fortunately for him, Agate is in Bose at the moment. Albert Russell arrives soon after and spots the orbal hover bikes, drawing into a confrontation with his daughter about who is the greater engineer. Erika is also angered that Albert sent her files explaining everything that happened in Liberl, but she seems more concerned that he let Tita get close to Agate than any actual danger she was in from the Gospel Plan.

They all return to the Russell household to avoid clogging up the street, where dan and Tita make coffee, but Erika and Albert start arguing again how how to take their coffee. This is followed by another argument about Julia Schwarz, someone Erika is a huge fan of and was expecting a souvenir from Albert from. After dinner, Tita is eager to see the blueprints that the others are working on, but her parents are eager to get her to bed. She tries to sneak closer but is caught and must wait until the next day. Downstairs, the adults discuss Ouroboros and their level of technology, with Erika and Dan stating that they have heard of them before and that their influence is spreading across the continent.

The next morning, Tita comes downstairs and apologises to Dan, before rushing off to the factory. She greets Factory Chief Murdock on the way who is fearful that Erika and Albert are actually working together on something. he leaves, still shaking. Tita rushes to the Capel room where Erika is looking at Pater-Mater's data, and Tita works out they are trying to make a machine capable of facing it in combat- The Orbal Gear Project. Tita is eager to help, but Erika just asks her to sort of the paperwork for their return to Liberl, which was apparently done illegally. Tita finds Murdock in the chapel praying, and he leaves to sort out the paperwork, imploring Tita to continue praying for everyone's safety. When Tita returns and states she wasn't to be be part of the project, as Renne was her friend, Erika almost strangles Albert for letting her daughter become friends with a member of Ouroboros. After questioning Tita on if she understand what they're making is a weapon, Erika states Tita doesn't need that burden.

Tita talks to her dad, who is preparing the underground warehouse for their project. She confesses she wants the strength to be able to do something, like Estelle and wants to get through to Renne. Erika overhears and her parents accept her into the team for having a valid reason and she is put to work. After two weeks, the first model is complete. Tita is exhausted and sleepy, but is also the only one who can pilot it due to her size. Albert comes down and shares the news Agate is coming at the end of the month, and Erika is thrilled, because that is the day of the test. Erika claims that she will make Agate participate in the tests and says he will offer his life in the name of science.

Part 2

Agate arrives in Zeiss for his monthly visit, and is overcome with shivers. he doesn't yet know of the malice held towards him and continues to the house. Meanwhile, Dan and Erika are finishing the adjustments to the prototype and Erika is excited that it will soon destroy Agate. Tita insists that he is a good person. Erika rushes out to deal with Agate, knocking Albert out of the way.

Agate reports to the Zeiss bracer guild where he instinctively draws his sword, sensing mortal danger, and there before him stands Erika. Erika requests that he come to the testing ground to die, having put a request in at the Guild specifically. Agate, with no idea who this person is, think she is picking a fight. Erika spirits a newly arrived Tita away, threatening Agate if he gets near her, and Kilika explains the situation to a confused Agate.

On the roof of the Zeiss Central Factory, Dan speaks with Agate. Agate initially calls him out on letting Tita work on weapon development, but dan is only interested in asking a single question, 'What is he trying to achieve by accompanying her so much?' Agate says it's because at first she needed protection, but it turns out she didn't and she helped him more. Dan explains she let her in on the project because it provides a connection between Renne and Tita , and helps her believe she is doing something for her.

Agate wanders down to the basement where the tests are to take place, and speaks with Tita, unaware that Erika is listening in. She welcomes him coldly, asking if he has come to repent for his sins. Dan attaches monitoring quartz to Agate to collect data on him, citing it is to compare with the specs of the gear, and that he should not harm Tita. Agate watches as Erika performs the 'Success Dance' a series of moves she performs before every experiement that releases a huge amount of energy.

The first test is a race, which Agate appears to be winning until Erika tells Tita to activate the rocket boosters an fly over the finish line. The following test is about moving barrels to the correct square, which Agate handily completes first, but Erika ignores him and praises Tita for excellent data- apparently it didn't matter who won. The third test is a mock battle against the Orbal Gear.Agate wins and erika assumes he cheated when he doesn't die. With the request fulfilled, Agate starts to leave, but Erika suddenly remembers Dan wanted to fight him, and urges him to go get his staff. Dan trained Cassius in the use of the staff, so he is quite formidable. The Orbal Gear goes berserk and Agate must fight it to as it goes out of control. Agate rescues Tita when she can't get out, and the machine, still berserk attacks Agate who takes the blow, knocking him out. With the machine still active, Dan disables it out with his staff in two blows. Tita and Agate share a tender moment, but then Agate detects steely glares when he hat-pats Tita. Dan invites him to their house for dinner stating that he will be 'MORE than welcome' and Erika mumbles about second phase testing.

Agate comes to the house, but meets all manner of traps and concealed obstacles. Erika states that his testing process 'has only just begun...'


  • Orbal Gear (Twice)


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