About the Orbal Revolution - Visual (FC Evo)

The Orbal Revolution (導力革命) was a transition to a new technological standard in S.1150 by the invention of orbments. This transition included the invention of the orbal telephone by the Epstein Foundation and orbal aircrafts by the Zeiss Central Factory, quickly proving orbments' pratical value to the public's skepticism of this technological leap.

Ever since, orbments have become an essential part of daily lives in Zemuria. Orbal technology powers everything from essentials like heating and lighting, to transport vehicles, to even modern weaponry. Further advancements in technology have decreased the size of orbal engines, leading to the development of more capable and affordable consumer-level automobiles by the Verne and Reinford companies.


Orbments were invented by Professor C. Epstein in Leman around the year S.1150. Four year laters, before he could introduce his invention to the public, he passed away. His disciplines, Albert Russell, G. Schmidt and L. Hamilton, established the Epstein Foundation a year later. After that, they each went their separate way.

Albert Russell returned to Liberl, where he advocated the spread of orbment technology. His efforts were met with a chilly reception, however. In S.1157, he forms a partnership with the Zeiss Clockmaker's Union. Together they establish the Zeiss Engineering Factory (later renamed to Central Factory).

G. Schmidt returned to Erebonia, where he started collaborating with Reinford Group founder Gwyn Reinford to develop and manufacture orbal technology, if only to satisfy his own curiosity. In the fifty years Professor Schmidt has been active, he has only four disciplines: Franz Reinford, Makarov, George Nome and Tita Russell.

L. Hamilton was particularly mindful of the technological gap between regions in Zemuria. He believed that rural and remote areas needed orbment technology the most. He enlisted the help of the Bracer Guild, which already had a close relationship with the Epstein Foundation, and formed a mission with the intent of promoting and spreading the technology where it would be most necessary.

Technological developments

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